Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Squirt Gun

Carson loves to play with squirt guns.  I think I have mentioned before that Carson enjoys squirting himself in the face, because he can only work the trigger with his thumb.  It really is very entertaining.  Well, Carson is very entertaining......whatever it is that he does. 

Check out this video of Carson squirting himself in the face.  It is kind of hard to see the water....but you can see it if you look closely.  Oh yeah, and obviously the floor gets really wet from all the water that he squirts, so I caught him fall at the end.  He didn't really know whether to laugh, or cry after it happened.  He wasn't worries :) 

We saw the sun shining a bit today!  Oh how thankful we are for that.  I really hope it is around to stay real soon, so we can enjoy the great outdoors.  I think we could all use a huge dose of sunshine. 

1 comment:

  1. I'll return to this video when I need a good laugh. So funny! A "Billy Crystal rountine" is what I'd call it. Was that cheese he had in his other hand; it FLEW on his way down.