Friday, April 20, 2012

Week 39

Today marks week 39!  And as a gift this week, we got this cute little countdown in the mail from my Sister, to remind us of how many days are left until our precious little boy enters this world. 

And, I will let the picture of me being 39 weeks pregnant speak for itself.  I am ready to get the show on the road :)

39 Weeks

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter, Round 2

We had such a lovely Easter, gathered with Family and Friends on the Saturday night before Easter.  We all gathered at my parents' house, and celebrated a Wonderful holiday.

There was an abundance amount of delicious food, as always, and a super fun Easter egg hunt!  This year, my Mom and neighbor friend, Kirsten, put on a stellar scavenger hunt that had everyone running around the yard, enjoying themselves.  The guys even really got into this one---that's when you know it was a big success, right?

There were four teams, and each team had a color.  They started out with a clue, and that was the start of the game.  After they found the first clue, that would lead them to the next, and so on.  At each destination spot, there was a prize for their team color, and a clue to where they were to look next.  Along with the clues, each team was to find 12 Easter eggs hidden throughout the yard, in their team color.  Well, unless you are like Carson, and he was just finding any and all eggs he could find.  He was yellow, but I saw a few other colored eggs in his hands.  But he was having so much fun!

I think each team member enjoyed themselves, and us ladies stood around and cheered our teammates on.  There was a lot of thought and time put into the game, and it was so much fun for everyone!

This would be Chris trying to figure out which clue he was missing.  He was pretty serious about this scavenger hunt game.

After the egg hunt, we were onto dessert.  Diane made a cute little Easter bunny cake, that was wishing Chris and myself a Happy Birthday.  You see, in my 25 years of life, I don't think I have ever had my own birthday.  But that's ok, celebrating with a brother isn't so bad :)

What a Wonderful way to kick-off our Easter weekend!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter, Round 1

We had our first Easter celebration of the year, and it was a fabulous one.

On Palm Sunday, we went to my Sister's house for lunch.  She provided a wonderful meal, and everyone contributed some fixings to complete the meal.  We had way too much food, like always.  And everything was wonderful.

We ate lunch, opened some fun Easter baskets that everyone spoils our children with, and then we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.  It was a gorgeous day, and it was begging for us to enjoy it.

While we were outside, Carson enjoyed playing with his new big bubble wand, and the sidewalk chalk that Denise and John gave to him  He tried to trace some hands (which didn't really work so well) and did a lot of scribbling.

We also had a fun game of kick ball with everyone.  It was boys against girls.  With two women being about 9 months pregnant, it wasn't necessarily fair! Haha.  But, the girls still managed to win! 

This would be my sister with precious little Natalie!

After kick ball was over with, Diane and a few other people were on a mission to hide 66 Easter eggs.  She handed out some buckets, told everyone to pair up, and sent them out on the hunt.  Carson, Carl, Papa Mike and I were all doing some hard-core searching.  I think Carson won the hunt--- because he had 4 people on his team!

This would be my lovely husband and I.  Yes, I know I am rather huge, and very pregnant looking!  Ha.

This year was a little different than last year for Carson during the hunt.  Last year he went on the hunt, but didn't really know what was going on.  But this year?  Oh, this year-- he was a pro.  He was scooping up every egg he found, and dispensing it into his bucket.  All the while opening a few during the hunt, to see what kind of loot he would discover.  It was so fun to see him truly know what to do this year!  And, to hear him say "Easter Egg" is so cute.

After the egg hunt, we all headed inside for some dessert.  And, leave it to my crafty Sister to make this adorable bunny cake!

Diane and Nathan always do such a wonderful job hosting any kind of get together or party.  And, this one did not disappoint.
We all had so much fun getting together for such a wonderful celebration.  Carson had way too much candy, and was up for most of the night with a tummy ache.  I think I have a bone to pick with Uncle Chris about this topic.  Carson somehow came home with a pocket full of chocolate candies after asking Chris for a treat.  Hmmmmm.  I can't wait until Chris and Kasey's little girl arrives, so I can re-pay these wonderful favors.  Hehe :) 

Our First Easter celebration was a huge hit.  We are truly blessed to have so much family to celebrate with for such an amazing reason.  Thank you, Lord.  I can only imagine what that week was like over 2,000 years ago.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 37

As of last Friday, we hit the 37 week mark!  And boy does it feel good.

The weeks are dragging (of course, right?) but we are plugging away.  He will be here before we know it.....I am sure of that! 

I have been doing some major "nesting" lately, and trying to get our house as prepared as possible.  The bottles are cleaned, his bag is packed, the boys' closet is slowly getting organized, and I have his new "cradle" swing ordered, and on it's way! 

Carl and I discuss, on a daily basis, of how anxious we are getting for this little guy to arrive.  We are so excited for everything baby, and to see what Carson thinks of his baby brother.  We are trying to do as much preparing with him as possible, and we hope the outcome is a success.

We are down to counting the number of days left until our youngest Wee Lad arrives!  I am getting so anxious to meet this precious little boy.

37 Weeks, 4 Days

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bounce House

On Saturday night, Carl and I dedicated the evening to an "All About Carson" sort of evening.  We were Cedar Falls bound, and we were headed to the Bounce House.
I was so excited to see what Carson thought of the different activities.  Last Summer, he loved the bounce house that was at the Petting Zoo we brought him to, so I figured he would have a blast.

We got there, and his personality kicked right full gear.  There were a bunch of 'bigger' kids running around, and he clung to us.  He didn't want to play, be put down, jump in the bouncers.....nothing.  So, we had to do a little coaxing.  We contemplated leaving, but decided to wait it out, and I am so glad we did.

Carl finally got Carson to take his shoes off, and put him in the 'little' bouncer.  He put him in there, and tried to make Carson bounce around by movements with his hands on the floor of the bouncer.  Carson had his shy grin plastered across his face, and I was hoping he would loosen up a bit more.

After Carl got him to bounce around, Carson started jumping on his own.  He finally figured out that......hey, this is a lot of fun!  After that, the rest is history.

Carson ran around that place, from one bounce house to the next, down one slide, up another set of stairs, for 1-1/2 hours solid!  I don't think he slowed down for anything.  He was so brave when the big kids got in the bounce houses with him, and he stood his ground.....even though he looked so super tiny compared to them.  He tried to run with the big kids and go down the super big slide, but finally his gut feeling kicked in, and he traced back to the other slides and jumpers.  I was not opposed to his decision.

He played really well with the other little strangers, and really took to a steep slide that frightened the day-lights out of him the first time he went down it.  After he figured out that it was a big thrill, he went back for more.  And more.

Here is a video of Carson going down the slide.

Carl and I spectated for most of the night.  We assisted him a few times, and followed him wherever he went.  But for the most part, he was on his own.

Carl and I had so much fun watching our little Wee Lad have a blast!  We are still talking about this day.  We are constantly looking at pictures, and the video of him going down the slide.  There is something about a proud "Look at Mommy!" or "Look at Daddy!" coming for a tiny little voice that gets me every time.  He is so sweet, and his little giggle is constantly running through my head.  I think that is what gets me through my work days......especially these days :)

We are so glad that we finally decided to take him to the bounce house, as we have been talking about it for quite some time.  And, of course it never fails......he fought us to play when we got there, and fought us to leave when it was time to go.  But, that's ok.  That is just another indicator to us that he was having so much fun.  He was so nice to the other kids up until it was time to go.  Out of the corner of my eye I caught Carson hitting another little boy, and that was our cue to go.  I went and scooped him up from the jumper, and scolded him for not being nice.  It was perfect timing, really.  He got in trouble, and the consequence was us having to leave....even though we were getting ready to leave anyway. (He doesn't need to know that detail.  Ha.)
After Carson was all bounced out, and pretty much exhausted, we decided to take him out to eat.  In the back of my head I thought it was going to be a disaster because he was so tired, but it turns out I was wrong!  We met Frannie and Grandpa Gary out to eat, and Carson was so good for us.  I feel like meals out to eat are so much more enjoyable when Carson behaves.....which only makes sense, right?!
At the restaurant, they had a machine game that you can win stuffed animals out of.  Ya know, the ones with the claw, that pretty much is a waste of money?  The ones where you can grab something every time, but the machine is programed to do one final 'jerk' of motion to make whatever you were holding in the claws drop?  Ya know, the ones that get the kids begging for more money because "I had an animal, and I am going to get it this time, I swear!".....?  Yeah, that one.  Well, Carl decided to let Carson play it.  Why?  I have no idea....other than my husband is just as much of a little kid as our little Wee Lad.
They were playing their first dollar worth of money, and I hear "We won!" come from the machine.  I didn't really believe him, but sure enough....Carson came walking over to the table with an ugly tie-died rat looking thing.  The look on both of their faces was priceless.  They both looked so proud.  Carl said Carson maneuvered the stick all by himself, and hit the button to drop the claw, and won something!

After supper, Carl was asking for more money to play again.  Yes, Carl was asking me for more money, because he doesn't ever carry any cash with him.  And no, Carson wasn't the one was Carl!  Haha.

I don't even remember how much money they burned through.  I think they got another dollar or so worth of quarters from me, many quarters from Frannie, a dollar from Grandpa.  Grandpa even took Carson over to the machine, and played 2 rounds with him.  After no luck with another stuffed animal, Grandpa handed the torch back over to Daddy.  Who, was standing by the table asking for more money.  Because, "Carson was asking to play more..." Yeah, right :)

Frannie was just as much of a sucker as Daddy turns out.  She continuously reached for her purse, digging for 2 more quarters after Carl and Carson would get sooo close to winning this big orange bear.  (Or so I think it's a bear)  That was the prize they were working so hard to get.  
I finally handed over my one and only dollar I had in my wallet.  I went to the restroom, and came back out to Carson holding the orange bear!  Oh gosh, the look in his eyes was to die for.  I got a "Look at Mommy!" and it was too cute.  I guess it was all worth the end.
We have tried to figure out how much this bear costs us, but haven't really figured it out.  Regardless, Carl continues to say it was all worth it after he heard Carson shriek from excitement as the bear dropped into the hole.  Carson held on to that dear bear and rat for dear life.  He slept with it that night, he rode along in his car with him, and he is still clinging tight to it.  Carl continues to remind me that..."WE won that bear together, and that is why he loves it so much, and won't let it go."  Ok, honey.  Whatever you say :)

Saturday night was a lovely evening that we enjoyed together.  We made some amazing memories that we will never forget.  I am sure there will be many more nights like this to come, as we venture out, and introduce this great big world to our little Wee Lad.  What a true blessing.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 36

We have made it to 36 weeks in this pregnancy!  As of last Friday, we officially have no more than 4 weeks left.  Ahhhh, what a great feeling!  Now, I am hoping these weeks fly by :)

Last weeks gift came from my sister.  I received a card in the mail, with a $10 Casey's gift card enclosed!  What a wonderful surprise.  I love getting mail that isn't a bill.  Does anyone else feel the same way?

This week in the pregnancy:  I only have a few more weeks left, which means I am having weekly appointments.  Therefore, I got a gas gift card to help with the numerous drives to Cedar Falls that I take due to my appointments.  Thanks for the gift card, Diane.  It will come in very handy, that's for sure!

I informed my loving husband last night that I feel like I need to have this baby already.....for numerous reasons.  But at the time, the reason on my mind was:  When your maternity clothes (shirts in particular) and even t-shirts no longer fit you, and you have to ween through your closet to find a shirt that is long enough to cover your basketball like stomach......that's a pretty good sign the baby needs to arrive.  Ha!  But, really.....this is a true story.
The end is drawing near, and I am getting ever so anxious to meet this precious little soul that I have been carrying for the past 9 months.  There is a birthday that is soon to take place in our family, and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Act of Kindness

A few Saturdays ago, Carl and I were talking, and somehow our mailman got brought into the conversation.  Maybe he was making a delivery, or stopping by to drop off our mail with a wave....I don't quite remember how it got brought up.  But he did.  That got us to thinking, and discussing about how being a mailman is such a crucial job, if you think about it.  And they do it without a lot of recognition, I am sure.
That got us to thinking, and we were wondering what we could do to thank him.  Our mailman is really good to us, and makes deliveries to our door, writes notes in our mailbox if there is something in our garage, even though he legally doesn't have to do those things.  Legally he doesn't have to leave his car, and yet he does--to make it easier for us.  Because let's face it, making a trip to the post office to pick up a package can sometimes be a pain in the butt.

He delivers our mail 6 days a week, regardless of the weather.  Rain, shine, sleet, snow, blizzard, thunderstorm....we get our mail.  That is pretty amazing, really.
So, Carl and I thought maybe we would brighten his day, and buy him some Girl Scout Cookies.  Because, if everyone is completely honest.....who doesn't love Girl Scout Cookies, right?! 

I bought some 'thin mints' and 'thanks a lot' cookies.  I thought both kinds would be appropriate for him.

In our little thank you note, we wrote...."Thanks a lot for your Wonderful Service!  We mint to tell you a long time ago! Drive Safe!"

Carl and I were both so excited to get our mail that day, and for him to pick up his package.  He left a little note back that said..."Thanks for the cookies, much appreciated!"

I am so glad that he appreciated the cookies, and we are hoping it brightened his day.  And it made us feel good knowing we were doing something nice for someone else.  A random act of kindness.  It can do wonders....for all parties involved!