Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pasta Boy

I am sure you have all heard me say before that Carson loves pasta.  And, tonight he lived up to that well known fact.  On the menu for the evening was chicken alfredo.  He loves it!  I am not kidding you when I say I could not keep up with him.  I couldn't get the little noodles cut up, and to his plate fast enough!  To say he enjoys chicken alredo may be a little bit of an understatement!  Although, I did have to do some convincing before supper was ready, that waiting for it to get done would be worth it.  This Mama's boy wanted to start with dessert first, and dig into the Smarties!  He definitely is my son.  Ha :) 

He was shoveling it in his mouth, literally.  And, I was scooping, and cutting as fast as I could to try and keep up.  At one point and time, I think he gagged, because his mouth was plump full.  But, that didn't stop him one bit.  He continued about his shoveling. 

Then came the really healthy part of the meal.  Broccoli.  The poor broccoli didn't stand a chance with this little guy.  He refused to eat it.  Like, it had teeth, and it was going to bite him if he even got it close to his mouth.  I tried to "sneak" it on his fork, but that didn't work.  I also tried to make him eat it, and he gave me the most disgusted look!  So, I am here to report that he didn't get a serving of veggies with his meal tonight, but he devoured the pasta, and ate well.  So, I will take it!

And, I had to follow through with my promise that I made to Carson before supper.  He could have Smarties after his meal, if he ate well.  And, he most certainly did just that!  So, he got his pack of Smarties, and a few Jolly Rancher jelly beans.  Because, they are the perfect size for his little mouth, and they taste so good.

Carson is also into this whole "bossy" stage these days with Tucker.  It is kind of funny to watch.  And at the same time, I am telling him that he needs to be nice to his puppy.  Tucker handles him very well.  He doesn't always listen to Carson's commands, or so I have gathered from the tone of his voice, as it gets louder, and more abrupt.  I have no idea what Carson is saying, so Tucker is lost as well, I am sure.

But, at the end of the day, Carson is still my precious little lover.  He gives hugs like you wouldn't believe, and they make me smile.  He is such a neat little boy, with an amazing personality.

We went on a long walk tonight, and we are loving these temps!  Carson looked around, and just took in all that is the great outdoors.  And, I enjoyed hitting the road, and getting a good walk in.  It feels good!

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  1. Your blogs are perfectly delightful, Ang, and I carry that delight with me through the day. It's ALMOST like being there with you. My giggle moment was Carson holding the fork in one hand and using the other hand to "pick up pasta".