Monday, August 27, 2012

Iowa State Fair

This Summer's temperatures have been hot.  And by hot, I mean---almost unbearable to be outside most days.  With temps well into the upper 90s, and 100s, with a heat index at 110+ degrees, I didn't know what the Iowa State Fair weather would bring.  With two little guys, and one being way too young to tolerate the heat, the weather was going to be our sole decision making factor as to whether we would make the trip or not.

Needless to say, the weather was amazing pretty much the whole 10 days that the fair took place.  We decided to go the second day, on a Friday--in huge hopes to avoid the massive crowds that the weekend would bring.  It was about 60 degrees when we got there, and about 80 when we left later that afternoon.  It was a beautiful day, and one that we could truly enjoy.

Aside from the "Iowa State Fair" being on our Summer List of things to do, and the fact that we both fight over who can be the first one to check something off of our list, we both enjoy spending a day on the fair grounds.  This is one of Carl's most memorable childhood memories, and their Family "vacation" every year.

Carl and I were both excited to try a few different things "on a stick."  Ya know---what the Iowa State Fair is most famous for.  I kid you not when I say....we weren't 50  feet into the fair grounds, and Carl had a porkchop on a stick in his mouth.  He was rather eager to get a check beside his name.  He also had it gone in about 1 minute.  Long enough to share a bite with Carson, and woof down the rest.  I later had the guts to ask him...."Did you really enjoy the porkchop enough to spend $7 on it?!"  He glared at me in return.

We decided to try the "Little Hands on the Farm" activity with Carson right when we got there, while it was still cool outside, and before Carson was tired.  I had never done this before, and I was thoroughly impressed.  It was so neat, and I think all the kids enjoyed it

A basic outline of Little Hands on the Farm:  You pretend to be a farmer for the day, and you go through different scenarios. pick the corn- and feed the corn to the pig

.....plant vegetables in a garden-and pick them later

.....pick the soybeans-and feed the animals

.....sheer wool off of the sheep

.....pick apples from the apple trees

.....pick the eggs that the chickens laid

.....pedal your tractor around the farm-drop off hay to feed the cows, and put fuel in your tractor

.....milk the cows

.....and at the very end, you turn in all of your things from your basket, get a dollar, and buy something from the store!  The store had so many different items you could buy.  From rice krispie treats, to chocolate milk, fruit snacks, to ice cream bars.  Carson chose chocolate milk.  No shocker there.

It was such a delight to watch Carson do the different activities.  Weston had fun, too- and was along for the ride.

After Little Hands on the Farm, we met up with G&G Brouwer, and had some lunch.  We chose to go the sandwich route, and had a pork sandwich.  It was very good.  I also had a Strawberry Smoothy, which is my favorite.  Full of has to be good, right?!

After we met up with G&G, we did some wandering around the fair grounds.

In and out of the different barns to look at the animals, and made a long stop in the building that housed the fish.  Yes, fish.  We spent a long time looking at the big and little fish swim around.  I love seeing Carson's face light up in excitement.  And I think my favorite part of the whole entire day is seeing Carson enjoy himself.  He loved every minute of it, and we had to do some major convincing to get him to move to the next stop.

We then ended with a look at the horses, and the sheep.  Grandpa had fun introducing Weston to the sheep!

Carson was very intrigued that this sheep was getting a 'haircuck'-- as he calls it.  He is rather obsessed with his 'haircuck' and it makes me smile everytime I hear him say the word.

We all had such a fun day at the Fair, and the weather was gorgeous.  Both boys were pooped (along with Dad and Mom) after the long day outside.  And that to me is a huge indication that the day was a success!

I am lovin' all of the Summer activities that our little family is engaging in this year.  As Carson grows older, it is so much fun to see him enjoy these same things that we do.  I hope that all of these memories are being stored in Carson's memory bank, as they are with us.  We are truly cherishing these fun times spent together!      

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  1. Great great blog, Ang! There is nothing like a perfect day, weather-wise, at the Iowa State Fair for making memories. So glad you appreciate the merits of that for your little ones.