Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yogurt yummy!

Carson of course had to do it all. by. himself.  And, he didn't do too bad!  He is such a little ham.  He is quite the character, even in his highchair, while eating yogurt.  He likes to do 'tricks' with his spoon and fork.  That usually results in his high pitch, squeaky voice saying "uh-oh".....but it's so cute to hear.

If you know our little Carson, you know he is a super picky eater.  He doesn't try just anything, so I was very shocked to see he dove into yogurt.  And, was very happy to find a healthy snack that he likes.

Yogurt has now been added to our grocery list, to make sure we always have some in the house for him to enjoy!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little Fishy

This little guy of ours is becoming very acclimated with water, and I am loving it.  I am soaking up every minute that we spend at the pool, because the Summer is truly flying by.  I can't believe that August is creeping up on us, and will be here in no time.

Last night, we had a lot of fun at the pool.  Carson was very well behaved, and that makes me so happy.  We are really working on sharing, and playing nice with other kids.  He had to be reminded of those two things a few times, but did very well with listening.

During our pool time, we had to venture over to the big pool.  Carson has entered into the stage where he wants to do that the big(ger) kids are doing.  There are a few bigger kids that will float from the baby pool, to the big pool.  I think out of pure curiosity, Carson has to check out what this big pool is all about.  So, we made our way over there.  I go in first, and hold my hands out for him to come to me.  'No way, dream on, Mom.' what I am pretty sure he is saying to me, I just don't understand his words.  He wants to do everything himself.  He will see a big kid hold onto the railing, and walk down the steps into the pool.  So, he wants to do it too, and he tries.....ever so hard.  One huge factor in this scenario is...he can't even reach the railing!  He tries really hard, and goes down each step---by himself.  He goes down the first step, and second step, and the water is up to his throat.  He continues down the third step, and goes completely under water.  I grab him, and pull him up, and explain to him that he can't reach, and can't walk in the water like the big kids.  I was allowing him to go under water, in hopes that it may scare him a bit, so he would learn to not do it again.  Yeah.....right.  Good thinking, Mom!  He coughed a bit after I pulled him up from the water, with his eyes bugging out of his head, and laughes.  Ok, well.....that didn't really go as I had planned!  Ha.   

After our exploring time in the big pool, we made our way back to the baby pool.  My nerves calmed a bit, because I feel that he is much more safe in the baby pool.  He played forever, and I love to watch him splash, run in the water, laugh, and gain confidence in himself with the water.  I also enjoy myself, as I sit poolside, with my feet in water- that is the temperature of bath water.  And, the view I have is my little guy enjoying himself thoroughly---that is bliss. 

After we are finished at the pool, Carson grabs the towel, and tries to wrap it around himself.  I help him, and he holds the towel, and drags it to the van.  Such a cute sight to see! 

And, of course we have to make our way to T&L's, and get ice cream.  I think the pool, and ice cream go hand in hand.  It's a must have in our book :)

Carl got home from work this morning, and he got an ear full.  An ear full of, 'Carson loves the water!', 'He went under the water with no fear!', 'You should see our little fishy in the water!', 'I love to watch him at the pool!'......and so on.  I think I have Carl convinced that he needs to come with us sometime, and witness the fun we have at the pool for himself.  We ARE going to get him to have no fear of water after all....hopefully!  I told him I would give him swimming lessons, and I am sure you can about imagine 'the look' I got from him.  Haha.  Ok, enough on that topic.  Carl would have probably hurt me by now if he would see this before I post it.  :)

To conclude:  We love water.  We love the pool.  We are loving Summer!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mr. Fix It

This little guy has a new favorite toy!  G&G Brouwer got him this little tool set, and he is in LOVE with it.  It is the first toy he finds when he wakes up in the mornings, and when he gets home from daycare every day.  He will sit forever, and run his drill.  I will sit there, and watch as the screws go in, and out of their destined holes.  I love to watch his little hands and fingers at work.  He is very good at maneuvering the drill all by himself, and can do it with one hand.  He may be small, but he has some pretty big mitts on him!

Carson is our little Mr. Fix it!  He gets so excited, and gets a look of complete satisfaction after he has done the task at hand. 

On a different note.....this is the status of Carson these days.  So happy, and full of life and excitement.  I love our evenings together, and he is our little 'monster' these days.  But, my love for our little monster couldn't be any stronger.  He brings us so much joy, it is truly incredible.  

We love you dearly, our little man.   You are a complete goof ball, and I love that about you.  You are always there to put a smile on my face, when I need it most.  No matter what kind of day I am having, all of it is washed away when I see this smile, and hear your giggle.  You are an amazing little boy.  Truly amazing. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Carson Talking on the Phone

This is the latest video I got of Carson talking on the phone.  He has some serious conversations, but I never seem to get the Flip in time to get them recorded.  So, I am pretty excited that I got this one.

It is so darn cute to hear him chatter on the phone.  And, his new favorite word to say is "No"....and you will hear it a few times in this conversation of his.  He is too funny. 

I think my favorite part of him talking on the phone is how he tries to go hands free, and will hold the phone with his shoulder.  Do you think he has seen that a time or two before?  He is already trying to multi-task! ha.

Our dearest Carson, how are you even old enough to "talk" on the phone?  Our little Wee Lad is growing up way too quickly!  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Copy Cat

Carson is learning new things everyday.  He loves to mock everything that we do, whether he should do it, or not.  Some activities are strictly "adult" activities (like stirring things on the stove, using the scissors, etc) but he still tries to be the big helper that he is.  He is our little Copy Cat. 

The other night, I caught Carson in action outside.  He obviously watches his Daddy's every. single. move....because he proved just that.  When Carl goes out to grill, he opens the bottom door to turn on the gas, turns the knobs on, pushes the red button to ignite the grill, uses the brush to clean the grates, and then will hang the brush back up where it belongs.  And, I saw Carson doing every single the right order!  He is such a little Smarty Pants. 

It is so much fun to watch Carson learn new things.  It's like a little light bulb turns on in his head, and he goes to work.  The wheels in his head are constantly spinning, that's for sure!
What a neat, and fun experience we are witnessing with this precious little life.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Prairie Du Chien

This past weekend, Carson and I headed to Prairie, while Daddy stayed home and worked.  We were really bummed that he had to work, but we decided to go anyway.

We spent Friday night, and all day Saturday with Grandpa Gary and Frannie.  We had a lot of fun, and spent some time at the pool.  We were going to head out on the river, but with Carson's nap and a little unexpected rain shower, we decided the pool was best. 

Carson is really getting acquainted with water these days, and I love it!  Carl isn't very fond of water, so I am happy to see that Carson is getting more familiar with it.  I have always said I don't want Carson to have the fear of water like his Dad, if I can do anything about it.

Carson is getting very brave around the water.  He always wants to go into the big pool, and that makes me nervous.....even if I am there with him.  I am much more comfortable with him in the baby pool.  He thinks he can touch in the big pool, and doesn't like assistance.  So, we try to stay in the baby pool, if at all possible.  He doesn't mind getting his face wet, or going under, which really surprises me---and, makes me happy.

I think we have a little fishy on our hands.  Not to mention........little boys in swimming trunks are pretty much to die for!

Carson also had a first while in Prairie.  His first time eating chicken off the bone!  Yum.  I think he approves.

We all had a fun little getaway last weekend, and hope to make it back a few more times yet this Summer!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Date Night

I am sure I have mentioned it before, but I love date nights with my little man.  He is always so good for me when we are out and about, and is always along for the ride---wherever that may be.  Don't get me wrong.....we sometimes have a few hiccups along the way, but he is a busy that is to be expected. 

Last week, our date destination was Old Chicago, and a trip to Von Maur.  Carl brought home some rock-star coupons for Old Chicago, so we decided to use them before they expired.  Because, if you are anything like me, I let coupons expire...a lot!

Carson did so good for me at the restaurant.  He was busy, yes...but still very good.  He always has to check out his surroundings....just like any other kid his age.  The crayons kept him busy for about 2 minutes, and then they were old news.  So, we found other things to keep him busy.

He always has to put his own parmesan cheese on his pizza, and likes to drink water from his own cup, own straw, and do it all by himself.  By the end of the meal, his shirt is completely drenched, because he tips the cup....and shouldn't because of the straw, but that's ok.  It keeps him content, and I am all about that when I am by myself with him.

For supper that evening, Carson had a piece of pizza, with a side of crayon.  Literally.  By the end of the meal, most of his pizza was gone, and a chunk of the crayon was missing.  And, evidence proved where it went, as he had yellow pieces on his face.  He spit the crayon out after he chewed it for a bit.  I guess it wasn't as good as he expected it to be.  Ha!

After we finished supper, made a trip to the bathroom, and brought leftovers to the van.....we made our way to Von Maur.  I am a sucker for that store, as I worked there for a few years.  I do miss not knowing the "ins" for the sales.  We made our way to the shoe department, because it sucks me in every time.  We found a pair of sandals for Carson, and a cute pair of Robeez for Estelle!  And, come to find out...they are her FIRST pair of shoes.  Bonus!  Carson insisted on carrying the bag out of Von Maur.  That's my boy ;)

It was a fun evening had by all.  Carson likes to explore new places, and I love to watch him take it all in!

Monday, July 18, 2011

1st Haircut

Carson got his very FIRST haircut today.  Daddy gave Carson his first cut, and he did a great job!

It is a bittersweet thing for me, really.  He got most of his curls, and wispy hairs cut off.  Carl claims he had a "mullet" and his hair was long in the back, and laying on his neck.  So, he got rid of all of that, and got a clean cut.  He looks so grown up now, and like a little boy, instead of a baby!

Carson sat so good for Carl, and he loved getting his haircut!  Carl asked him to sit really still, and he did just that!  He is such a big boy.  Carson has watched Daddy cut his own hair a few times, and watches in complete amazement as he does it.

Oh, and please note his shirt.  Carl was home with Carson today, and made him a "cut-off" shirt just like his!  He was so excited about it.  Carson did look darn cute in it, I must say.  These boys are dangerous when they are together....they are like two peas in a pod.  Carl gets himself in trouble with the scissors, apparently!  ha.  

The pictures are kind of hard to tell that anything has changed.  But, trust me when I say......he really does look different, and so grown up now!

My baby is growing up way too quickly!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Franklin County Fair

Last night, Carson and I ventured to Hampton, to enjoy some of the Franklin County Fair activities.  We had so much fun walking around, going through the different barns, and just enjoying a beautiful night outside.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  76 degrees, no humidity, a little breeze, and the sun was shining.  Now that is what I call a perfect night to spend at a fair!  

We got there, and the parking lot was packed.  We got everything situated in the stroller, and started our long track to the fairgrounds.  We got right inside the gates, and Carson immediately wanted to get out of his stroller.  And, I did just that.  I was going to let him roam around, and go, do, and see whatever he wanted.  So, he took an immediate left turn, which led us through the cow barn.  He liked them, but wasn't completely intrigued.  I was a bit nervous, as they were all tied up, and the only view we had of them was the rear end.  The picture of Carson pulling one of their tails, and them kicking him in return, ran through my head a few times.  So, I held his hand, and we prevented that from happening.  We walked right through, and he was looking for something new.  He did find a few calves on the way through the barn that he stopped to look at.  I really think that he just wanted to climb on the gate, but oh well :)

By this point, it was supper time, so I thought we would get something to eat before we both got crabby.  We walked past a few food vendors, but nothing that looked too appealing.  So, we continued on until we found a shed that was for a church youth group fundraiser.  The food looked delicious, so we found a seat, and waited for someone to help us.  It was very busy, which was fun to see.  I remember those days like it was yesterday.  Trying to raise enough money to go on a mission trip, so you didn't have to spend all of your Summer's income, which was a whole $250 to begin with, to go on the mission trip.  So, we supported this particular youth group, and it was fun to see the youth working hard for that trip.  We sat there for the longest time, because my little Wee Lad is the slowest. eater. ever.  I finally cut up his hot dog, put in on the tray of his stroller, and away we went again.

Next up, the sheep barn.  He was in love.  They had sheep, goats, and lambs.....and he wanted to touch them all.  He stuck his hand through the fence, and would try to pet them all.  We came to a friendly little goat, and Carson stuck his hand through the pen, and got a hand full of feed.  He had his eye on the prize, and got what he wanted.  He then stuck his hand out for the goat to eat the feed out of his hand....and it did.  He started laughing, because I think the nibbling on his hand tickled.  Carson thought he was pretty big stuff.

Carson led the way the whole time, and he followed other spectators into the pig barn.  We didn't stay long there either, because I think he thought they were "boring."  They just laid there, and didn't really move.  They were huffin' and puffin' the whole time, but that's about it.  Carson stuck his hand through the gate, and did touch one of their butts.  Good job, buddy. ha.  Oh, and he also shared a piece of his hot dog with one of the pigs!  This makes me gives a whole new meaning to "you are what you eat" huh?!  :)  haha.

We walked through the pig barn pretty quickly, and that led us to the Rabbits and Poultry barn.  I knew Carson was going to love this one.  And, he did!  He tried to touch all the chickens, and laughed when they would peck at him.  This child of mine has no fear when it comes to animals.  It amazes me every time I see him stick his hand through the fences, to try and touch a not-so-friendly animal.  Like, this big turkey!  The loud gobble sound it was making was intimidating to me, but apparently not to Carson.  He snuck his little finger through the cage, and tried to pet his feathers.  I quickly tried to distract him with the cute bunnies that were to the left.  It worked....sort of.

Carson then led me out of that barn, and to the neat "Main Street" looking area.  It is so cool looking.  He walked through the first door that he saw open.  It was a quilt shop, and I knew this, but I was going to let him roam anyway.  He walked in, saw all the ladies browsing the quilts, and immediately turned back around, and hit the door running.  That gave me a pretty good chuckle. :)

Then, I decided to make a pit stop on this little stretch of stores.  I decided it was time for some dessert, so we stopped and got some homemade ice cream.  Yummm!  I haven't had homemade ice cream in a while, and it did not disappoint.  I asked for two spoons, and we found a spot on a bench.  We both enjoyed our ice cream, and Carson made faces indicating it was very cold.

After we were finished with our ice cream, and both completely sticky, we did some more venturing.  We walked past a few booths, walked through a few more shops, and then made our way to the 'carnival' part of the fair.  I wasn't planning on going on any rides, but thought I would let Carson decide.  He stood by the merry-go-round for the longest time, and made a notion indicating he would like to ride it.  We went and bought our 3 tickets, and made our way back to the ride.  The Carney took our tickets, and we found a spot.  Carson was positioned on a horse that was going to be moving up and down.  He was fine with that for about .2 seconds, and then instantly wanted to be held.  Well......this wasn't going as planned.  So, we decided to sit side-by-side on a bench.  I don't do well with rides that spin.  The image of a quickly spinning merry-go-round at a park is enough to make me sick.  I think I went on the 'silly-silo' a few too many times at Adventureland growing up, because you couldn't pay me enough to go on that ride now.  And, this would usually be about the time that I would offer my husband to ride with Carson, but that wasn't an option.  But I thought it wouldn't be so bad.  I mean, this is a little kid ride, right?  The ride began, and it wasn't so bad.  We were the only people on the ride, so I think the Carney wanted us to get our moneys worth, because I am pretty sure we were spinning in circles, ever so slowly, for about 10 minutes.  Or, what felt like an eternity.  Carson finally crawled up on my lap, and buried his head into my chest.  The guy saw this, and stopped the ride.  Thank you, good sir.

After the ride, we decided to head to the van.  It was getting late, and I felt like we had scoured the fair grounds enough to see all that we wanted to see.

Carson and I had so much fun hanging out, and looking at all that the Franklin County Fair had to offer.  I haven't been to this fair in a few years, but it is a really nice one.  It is clean, and very well put together.

I don't think that Carson made it through Hampton, and he was zonked out.  He did a lot of walking, and I think was really tired.  And, once again, Carson made me so proud.  He didn't make a single fuss, went with the flow, and listened to me when I asked him to do something.  I think he really enjoyed himself, and I did too.  I love to see my little guy having fun, and so content with his surroundings!