Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

It was a beautiful Father's Day weekend.  That is the only thing I can say to sum up the weekend.  Because it was beautiful---all around.  

We spent a lot of time together, and a lot of time with the #1 guy in our lives----Daddy.  The boys love and adore this man like you wouldn't believe.  Carson has a special bond with him, and is a true Daddy's boy.  Weston gets so excited every day that Daddy walks in the door, and wraps his arms around his neck and clings tight.

On Saturday night we celebrated Grandpa Dave, and had a grill out.  It's so amazing to watch the generations celebrate together.  And celebrate each other.  Because each man that was there that evening was a Father, but we were celebrating one in particular.

On Sunday morning, we set sail to Iowa City to visit Grandpa Sents who was in the hospital recovering from a risky hip surgery at the age of 84.  He is doing incredibly well, is in great spirits, and is now doing rehab in Grundy Center.  We are excited that he is closer to home, and on the road to recovery.  He is no ordinary 84 year old man, though.  The nurses took note of that right away.  He is healthy, and strong, and isn't letting the pain from his hip get him down.

While we were at the hospital, we took the kids to a fun play area on one of the rooftops.  It was hot, and the kids were all getting hungry, but it was a nice break from Grandpa's small hospital room.

We took Dad out for lunch at Applebee's, which is always a fun experience.  Out to eat with 4 kids under the age of 3-1/2.  Enough said :)  The kids all did very well, I must say!  

Papa Mike with all of the grandkids.  They are all looking at the camera---a miracle!  

But let's be real.  This is a little more like it.  Ha!  Carson is done with pictures (naturally), Kaylee thinks Natalie's hair is pretty, and Natalie is looking at something.....because she doesn't miss a beat :)

After we got home later that afternoon, we instantly got into play mode.  We got into swimsuits, and had a fun time outside in the water.  The boys laughed and giggled, and we all had so much fun.  Daddy started a nice little water fight, which turned into a big one, of course.  The little splashes turned into buckets of water being dumped on each other.  The sound that came from our backyard that day will be something I carry with me always.  Laughter and giggles, and screeches----which are all signs of a good time.

Weston is proving to be my little water baby.  He absolutely loves playing with the water table we have set up outside.  He will splash in the cold water, giggle, shiver his lips and chatter his teeth a little, and then do it all over again.  That little boys giggle is something fierce.  And makes me smile so big.  My cup overflows with joy when I am with these boys.   

Can't you just hear that giggle?  Man, this boy is always so happy, and I love that so much about him.  His laugh and giggle is so contagious!  

Carson does everything that Daddy does.  He is Carl's little shadow.  If Carl is mowing, so is Carson.  Wherever Daddy is, Carson can be found a few steps behind.  He doesn't miss much, and is very curious about everything.  I love watching his little mind turn, and soak up all of the things around him.  He is my little sponge, and is learning so much.  

I absolutely love watching the boys interact with their Daddy.  Carl is so loving, and patient (ehh, most of the time) with them, and it melts my heart to see the special bond they are building.

He is the first one they run to with a problem, an owie, or are in need of a play date.  Because they know he will do it.  He will sit on the floor and play with them forever.

These two boys are so lucky to have such an incredible Daddy.  And I am the lucky lady that gets to call him my Husband!

It is so fun celebrating all of the Dad's in our life.  We have so many of them, and I am forever grateful for that.  It is truly a blessing to have to spread our time around to all of the men in our lives, and question if we will have enough time in a weekend to get around to everyone.  We don't always get to see or "celebrate" with every one of them, but they know our love for them, and we are so thankful for each one.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I sometimes fail to update about the little things that are happening around me.  Ya know, some of my favorite things.  We have taken a dive into Summer, and we aren't turning back.  Granted the weather hasn't necessarily screamed Summer (Ok, let's be real.  It has screamed a lot lately, just nothing we want to hear!) we are still enjoying these days.  Life is about to get crazy busy, and we are gearing up to grip tight for the rollercoaster of a fun ride.  Because if we don't hold tight, we will fall fast.  And we have littles depending on us, so that ain't an option.

These are some of my favorite instagrams lately.  Few words, and lots of pictures.

Park dates are in full swing.  Both boys are big fans.  And so is this Mama.

Carson cut Daddy's hair, and was thrilled as can be.  He was so proud, and as you can tell...Carl was a bit nervous.

 We had a bad snowstorm.  On May 2nd.  In the Spring.  I was very less than impressed.  

Birthday parties.  Birthday cake and ice cream....count me in! 

True Country boy.  He does this all. the. time.  At first?  I wasn't so sure.  But now?  It is so convenient!  Go ahead, little buddy, go find yourself a tree, or a bush, or whatever.  Ha.  

We went to the circus.  Carson loved the elephants, and Weston just loved all the action.  We were all impressed with the show!

The Ham Ball in the Fam.  

Golfing is a new favorite for the boys.  I love to watch them both play. 

Sun hats are a true sign of Summertime.  Doesn't get much cuter. 

This guy is a true Mama's boy, and I am in love with that fact. 

The boys are thoroughly enjoying their new play house.  A lot of time has been spent in there.  I just love that smile!  

The fearless, never-stopping, gutsy, energetic wounded soldier.  He took a tumble down a few stairs.  On pavement, of course.  

Sportin' the Bengals.  Boy does he make his Daddy proud!

Park play dates.  We all love them.

Cheesy smiles.  

And the famous, so darn cute "O" face from Weston.  He does it at the funniest, and most appropriate time. 

Memorial Day flags.  A favorite of mine.  A time to reflect, and thank a soldier, or two.  

Time spent with my handsome, better half.  

Morning snuggles with little Wes.  Before our day even begins. 

We work on tracing our hands, and writing, and letters on Fridays.  Carson likes to add his finger nails to the picture after he traces his hand.  It was so fun to watch him add his finishing touches to his picture.  

Chatting with friends, cheering to the weekend with a drink, and watching the kiddos play as they develop new friendships.  

A Date Night out with my good-lookin Hubby as we enjoyed a band play some amazing music.  

Stud.  Doesn't he look so grown up in this picture?  It makes me cry a little bit.

This picture.  Man, my heart smiles big when I take a glance at this picture.  My love for them is so great.  These two are quite the pair.  I am in love with watching these brothers grow up together.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I am almost positive one is going to get severely injured from the other, but life is grand.  

Carson loves to rock out on his dog guitar.  It is so fun to watch him have fun with it, and act like he is truly playing a very legit song.  And his favorite setting?  The dog one.  This thing may, or may not have, almost landed in the garbage a time or two.  I held myself back.  Carson, you are welcome.  

A single stroller turned into a double.  They were crammed in that thing, and both were happy as could be.  Thank goodness they were in the mood to get along that day.

Throwing a fit by the door because he couldn't go outside to play.  He does this every. single. time. we bring him in the house.  The boy loves to play outside.  But, Daddy was mowing, and that sends Carl into a complete nervous tizzy when the kids are outside while he is mowing.  And, because, hanging out with Mom inside just isn't fun, apparently.   

Carson survived his very first dentist appointment!  I am so proud of this little guy.  He was so excited for the appointment, until we were called back to the chair.  And on our way to the chair, we walked by a few people/noises/sights he didn't care to see in an unfamiliar place.  So, he clung tight to me.  He sat on my lap in the chair, and the dentist counted all 20 of his teeth, and found no cavities.  Yay!  Successful trip, no doubt. 

I have been working my buns off, and still getting up at 4:15 every morning to get this.  Yes, that is very early...if you were wondering.  And no, I am NOT a morning person :)  (My shirt is being tugged by the cutie that goes by the name Wes.  Ha.)

Brothers.  In matching Puma outfits.  With arms around each other.  It doesn't get much better!  Holy blessed is this Mama. 

Parade candy, and freshly painted grey nails.  Yes, this is my color of choice.  Ask my husband what my favorite color is. Ha!  Oh, and frooties?  Man, they are a weakness of mine.  I love those things.  I have raided the bucket, and fished out almost all of them.  I didn't say I was proud of that, but it is what it is :) 

Happy Hump Day!  It's been a rather stressful one for this Chick, so I am leaning heavily on this right now.  All will be well.