Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun Family Weekend

We had another fabulous weekend together as a family.  Carl had to work on Saturday, but we still managed to get some time in with him before he was off to work.  We are still waiting on the Spring time weather to arrive, as it was hovering around the 45 degree mark this weekend, which is still a little chilly for an afternoon outside with Carson.  So, we stuck to some inside activities, which are always fun too!

We had a visit from the Johnson's, and Carson is really starting to show some interest in Landry.  He is always very concerned about his little friend.  He always makes sure he has his blanket, pacifier, tries to help feed him, and is always giving hugs.  He is so sweet. 

Carson also got a new set of tools over the weekend.  He is really enjoying his new work bench, and it keeps his busy for a long time. 

Carson also got a new toy from Frannie.  I am not sure if it is a good "inside" toy.....but, it is used inside for now.  Sure's a squirt gun!  It is sooo funny to watch Carson use it.  He can only maneuver the little trigger with his thumb, which results in him squirting himself in the face, because it is pointed the wrong direction.  But, sometimes, if he is lucky, he gets a shot of water to drink if he can make it in his mouth :)  Carson is so entertaining!

Carson and Daddy had some fun time together before he was off to work on Saturday afternoon.  We always miss him when he is away, that's for sure!

And, check out what face Carson is back to making!  Oh gosh, he makes us laugh so much.  It is so funny to watch him make this face.  He is such a cutie.  (Daddy is making the same face, too!  What a cutie he is as well.  hehe)

And, Mommy had to jump in on the fun as well. 

We also got a chance to test out my new set of wheels, and trailer.  I was so excited to hit the road, and since the trailer is completely enclosed, we decided to give it a shot.  We bundled Carson up with his blankets, and away we went.  He really seems to enjoy it, and he looks so comfortable.  I, on the other hand, struggled with a few of the hills, but we all had fun!

We also colored some Easter eggs this weekend.  Carson didn't really partake in the activity, but we enjoyed it. 

We enjoy weekends together as a family.  It is always fun to take some time to admire the small things.

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