Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My dearest son, Carson, loves shoes.  I think I may have passed that lovely trait on to him as well.  It is so funny to watch him try to put my shoes on.  And, tonight, it was a pair of flip flops.  He tried so hard to wrap his tiny toes around that little piece, and knew exactly how they were to be worn.

Tonight, Carson ate supper with his sand rake.  Why?  Well, because he wouldn't let it go, so into his highchair he went with the rake.  It was clean.  And, he tried to use it as a fork!  It was so hilarious to watch.


That's all I have for tonight.  Not much new to report on.  Carson has been having a few meltdowns every night, and I am not sure why.  He has his really fussy moments almost every night, and fights going to sleep.  But, his daycare reports are wonderful, so that is great to hear!  Hopefully this is just a "phase" he is going through, and he grows out of it soon.  Until then, we will keep truckin' along, because that's what we know how to do.  We continue to enjoy our evenings together, and we truly enjoy each others company. 

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  1. He's a funny, funny little boy and it's a wonderful adventure unfolding as you capture those moments and place them here for followers to experience too. The last picture is Grrreat with his wild hairs in plain sight.