Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter-Round 1

This past Sunday we celebrated Easter at Diane's house with the Sents side of the family.  It was a lot of fun to get together and have lunch with everyone.  We were also able to enjoy a nice Easter egg hung outside.  Carson loves to be outside, so it was great.  He was going on no nap for the day, so we were pleased to see him partake in the hunt. 

Carson also got his very first lawn mower ride from Uncle Chris!  He loved it.  He was all smiles, and he was so eager to steer the wheel by himself.  He knew what to do, and had so much fun. 

Holidays are always so nice when we can get together with family.  The weather was decent, and the food is always great.  We all left feeling overly stuffed, but that's nothing new. 

Tonight, Wee Lad was in such a great mood, it was sooo much fun.  Carson and I went on a little date, and he was such a good boy that we trotted on over to DG, and he got to pick out a treat.  A box of crackers is what he chose.  And, we had to open them while we were still in the store, because he was so anxious to dive into the box.  He also got a balloon.  That poor balloon didn't last long once we stepped outside, though.  Ah well. 

Carson also thought that Tucker's treats were his, because he tried for.ever. to get into that little bag.  I finally took it from him, and he was not happy about it.  If he only knew what was inside.....beef flavored dog treats.....nummers! ha. 


Carson thoroughly enjoyed himself in the tub tonight.  I am telling you, he was in such a super mood tonight....it was such a joy! 

And, I am going to end with this picture this evening.  This little cutie was quite the character tonight.  This picture sums him up completely.  Doesn't that look like quite the mischievous look?  I love it! 

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  1. Awesome!Awesome!Awesome! I loved every picture but the final was a perfect cap on the series; he looks so squishable when he's wet and laughing. Give him a squish for me.