Thursday, February 26, 2015

34 weeks + Snow Day

We have made it to 34 weeks in this pregnancy, and with that brought a lovely snow day at home with my boys.  I know my days are numbered with only them, so I am trying to soak them all up.  In between the nausea, and not feeling the best----of course.  They are both so sweet and understanding, and it breaks my heart to hear them say they don't like it when I don't feel well.  I smile, hug them tight, and kiss them all over the place.

This little one's hair is absolutely crazy, and I love it!  This picture was sent to Daddy saying..."Crazy hair don't care"  haha.  I just can't get myself to cut it........

This is 100% accurate as to how I feel this little girl is positioned right now.  And right rib is a punching bag.  And?  She is collapsing my lungs at every somersault she does, I swear :)

We got about 8 inches of snow yesterday, and while I am looooonging for Spring, I do love to see the boys get so excited about it, and have so much fun outside in that white stuff!  They love being outside--no matter the temperature or conditions--and love to help their Daddy.  So yesterday was a win-win for everyone involved.  Carl was blowing snow, Carson was trying his best to be of some help, and Wes was taking the snow from the piles, and putting it back on to the driveway and sidewalk.  Literally a 2- steps- forward- and- 1- step- back kind of situation we had :)   

We are almost to March.  The sun is shining.  Spring is 22 days away.  And warmer weather is on its way!!  I am ready to kick this Cabin Fever good-bye....for good! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

33 Weeks

I don't feel I am doing my best at keeping myself (well, and you) up to date on everything that has been going on lately.  But, I am at least staying on top of (or only a few days late....score!) on the pregnancy posts :)

I was going to dedicate an entire post to Valentine's Day, and then decided it just wasn't worthy of its own post.  Truth be told?  The day was not good.  At all.  Both boys woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I didn't feel well for a majority of the day, and the day was just not good.  Carl and I were both counting down the minutes until bedtime, and that doesn't happen very often.  We are pretty good as a team to stimulate their little minds when needed, separate them when we see a fight brewing, or getting creative when the little humans we live with need a change of scenery.  But Saturday?  Valentine's Day?  None of the above happened.  Except the whining and fighting and more whining.  All of that happened..... in an abundance amount!  Not good.  We both sighed HUGE sighs of relief when the day was done.  We were both so exhausted from dealing with their behavior and attitude all day, we put on Friends, and both called it a night.  We didn't get gifts for each other this year, as we promised each other.  Usually one of us fibs that rule, but this year we both stuck to the plan.  I don't know if it's just our current circumstances, baby #3 on the way, or what......but I am perfectly ok with that.

We did get the boys a gift, because I love to celebrate the little holidays with them, and see their faces light up in excitement!  They also got Valentine's cards in the mail from Grandma Sally, and a huge bag of goodies from Papa and Frannie!  They are very loved, no doubt about that.

I told Carl it was probably a good thing we gave them our gift first thing in the morning, otherwise I would have shipped that sucker back after the day we experienced!  haha :)
I am kind of in the "nesting" mode these days, and I really didn't want to get another plastic thing to set around in the house, but I caved, and we bought them an indoor basketball hoop.  And almost a week later, I can honestly say it was the best money we have spent in a long time!  They are constantly playing with it, they actually play together (usually nicely, too!)  and Dad and Mom get to be involved and have fun with it too.  And, it is causing to add more laundry to the dirty pile too----who would have thought?  Ha!  Every day after school, Carson comes home and picks out a new shirt for he and Weston to wear, because it has to be a "basketball" shirt.  It is usually either a team shirt (Hawkeyes) or a shirt with some sort of sport or number on it.  He picks one out for the both of them, helps Wes get his on the right way, and away they play!

Carson is really showing signs of growing up these days, and it's so fun to see the world through his eyes as he matures.  He is really into basketball right now.  Would rather watch a basketball game on TV than a cartoon, and could care less about what teams are playing.  He chooses a color, and documents the entire game.  "Oh man, blue got 2 points!  Now red got 3 points.  Blue got another 2 points!  My team is winning!"  And so on.  He will do it the entire game if you let him, and don't ask him very nicely and politely to maybe tone it down a bit.  Because while he is shouting all of that information from all of his excitement from these random teams he doesn't even know, he is re-enacting their moves, and is all over the place.  Throwing his little basketball everywhere, and you are either playing dodge the basketball, or pick up whatever he knocked down with said basketball :)

He seems to be an all around sports fan.  He was big into football when it was still on TV, and now he is big into basketball now that it is on TV.  He loves to play them all, so it will be interesting to see what the future brings, and what he decides he would like to play.

Back to my weekly pregnancy post.  This week marks 33 weeks!  Nothing has really changed much, other than I can feel my body slooooowly telling me it wouldn't mind being done soon.  Sleeping is getting hard, and a good night's sleep is pretty rare these days.  I am starting to make a list of the things I would like to get done before she arrives, and it is really starting to sink in that the time is nearing very quickly!  Also----bring on Spring.  We are battling some frigid temps this week (-25 wind chill) and I think we are all getting a little bit of cabin fever. I think I speak for everyone when I say we could use a little Spring in our lives.  Open windows, walks outside, park dates, and a new our case :)

And as you can see in this fun little comparison, Baby Girl is growing well :)  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

32 Weeks

Tuesday marked 32 weeks with Baby Girl Brouwer!  I had my check-up yesterday, and all is going really well.  I now will be going every 2 weeks, which seems so crazy to me that we are at that point already.  He spoke the words of scheduling the C-Section, and I instantly got butterflies.  With each passing day, I get even more excited to see her squishy newborn face, and hold her tiny little body.

All seems to be really well, and she is getting stronger and more active by the day minute.  It is getting to the point of painful at times, but the reassurance is so comforting on many levels.

My cravings so far during this pregnancy: Honeycrisp Apples.  Not just any apple, I prefer Honeycrisp.  Which are the most expensive, yes, I realize this.  I may have been called an "apple snob" a time or two, but hey---it could be worse!  Also, gummy bears.  I have no idea why, or where that one came from.  And of course my always-never changing love for desserts.  I have tried to keep this to a minimum, and not go overboard just because I am pregnant......but I always love me a good chocolate dessert.  Some things will never change!

A difference this pregnancy compared to my other two:  an outie.  My bellybutton has now popped to an "outie" status, and I never had that with either of the boys!

A cute thing I need to document about this pregnancy is Carson's love for his little Sister already.  Every morning, the first thing he does is rub/hug my belly, and says...."Good morning baby."  And each day I pick him up from daycare or school, he does the same thing.  A few times he has done it, she has been very active, and he isn't a huge fan of feeling her--- but he loves and smothers her from the outside!  All of the boys in the house aren't a huge fan of "feeling" her movement much, and would rather just say hello from a distance when she has gone into "alien mode" as they like to call it.  Ha :)

I am still busy in her nursery, and trying to add some final touches to a few things.  I am seeking some help with decorating a certain wall, and working on making a little bunting with her name on it.  I have also been busy working on her bumper pad.  I have officially caught on to making the granny square, and I have about 8 done!!!  I am so happy, and thrilled----and I am absolutely in love with how they are turning out.  Lizzy is going to be making the trip to our house soon to help me crochet them all together, and then it will be placed in her crib!  I think it will add so much to the room, and I so excited to see the final product.

Stay tuned for an entire room reveal.  Every time I walk in her room, I fall in love all over again, and can't wait until I see her tiny little body being housed in there!

Here is to week 33!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

31 weeks

Tuesday marked 31 weeks of this pregnancy with the Little Lady.  We have made it to single digit weeks until the due date!  This week has brought some major stress with it, but overall, no additional issues, or complaints.  I sometimes catch myself wondering...."where is this baby going to even go?!" as I see my belly grow by the day.

My toes are no longer visible, and some of the everyday things are becoming more of a struggle as the basketball continues to grow.  But above all, I am extremely thankful for this healthy baby that is taking a beating to my right rib.  Carl says....."she is doing multiple workouts a day to pay you back for what you have put her through"  :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Weekend + A Snow Storm + Super Bowl

We had such a great weekend as a family!  It was low-key, extremely productive, and I am really starting to appreciate those weekends the most right now.  Our weekend was filled, don't get me wrong, but we weren't running around (late) the entire time.  Time was on our side, and we had the ability to choose when we went where.  Oh, and we have hit this "boy stage" of life.  Ya know...the one where they think funny faces instead of smiles are so hilarious, and they bust out with giggles and laughter after they see this on the other side of the camera!

I feel I am starting the "nesting" phase of this pregnancy, and there are no complaints from anyone about it.  There is an extreme sense of relief and happiness that washes over me when we tackle a big project, organize something that is long overdue......or just check things off the to-do list.  We organized closets, organized ALL of the art supplies, and made a little "Art" room for the boys---which they have already spent a lot of time in, and love it.  I feel the boys love organization just as much as we do, and they like it when everything has a "home" or they know how to pick up, and where everything belongs.  We got the crib/bassinet set up in our room, along with the changing table that now houses diapers, and all the fixens for those middle-of-the-night changings that I am looking forward to.   I feel like everything is starting to come together, and I can feel my levels of excitement rise.  I am also happy that we are getting these things done now, because I can also feel my energy levels decreasing these days.

Our Saturday morning was filled with all-things-productivity, and then we made our way to Jesup.  We spent the day with some friends there, and Lizzy attempted to teach me how to crochet.  This is something that I have always wanted to learn, but haven't ever taken the time, or looked for the help.  Then we met Randy & Lizzy, I saw some pictures of her amazing work, and she kindly agreed to teach me.  We spent the entire afternoon, and most of the evening hours at their house, and we jumped right into things.  She is such a wonderful and patient teacher, but I feel there is so much to learn with this lost art, and I have a long way to go yet.  But, I did the hardest part for anything new.  I started.  (Sadly, this is the only picture I have from my Saturday learning session.  Carl snapped it without me knowing.)  

My big motivation and drive to want to learn now, is I have been dreaming up the Baby Girl's nursery, and it is all starting to come together.  One addition that I have been dreaming to add to the room is a crocheted bumper pad around the crib.  I would love to be able to tell our little girl that I made this for her, and put a lot of time/effort/sweat into her nursery.  We already have so far, and I would love to continue to do so.  I would also enjoy making her blankets, hats, and all the cute crocheted girly things that are available now.  Not to mention---gifts!  I would really love to gift some homemade things to family and friends.

This particular bumper pad consists of all "granny squares" and it will be the perfect way to tie all the colors into the room.  I would also like the pillow to have the same granny squares on them, and that perfect custom colored blanket draped over her bed that will complete everything.  But first, I needed to learn how to crochet.  Period.  I am a rather instant gratification kind of person, and get frustrated when I don't catch on quickly to a task.  So, this is testing my patience, and my drive to want to continue.  But I am not going to quit, because I just started---afterall, although it is frustrating when I really don't know what I am doing, or where to go next.  I miss my teacher sitting right next to me, guiding me every step of the way!  I have turned to YouTube, and while it is wonderful, and amazing, and a great teacher too......I have still managed to mess things up a bit!  Ha.  I need to remember to be patient with myself, allow mistakes, learn from them, and move on.  Lizzy has been amazing when it comes to encouragement, and has promised me that I will be whipping a hat out in no time.  I am going to hold her to that promise :)    

The plan is that we will both be working on the squares, and then meet up in about a month or so-- and crochet them all together to make the beautiful bumper pad come together.  I am excited to see the final product, and add it to the nursery!  This is what one square looks like, a product of Lizzy.  The colors are: coral, light gray, mint, dark gray, light pink, and mustard.  All of the squares will then be outlined and crocheted together in white.

The Superbowl----the biggest football game of the year.  This year, it came with a snow storm, that kept us all hunkered down in the house, without attending a party of any sort.  I was perfectly content and fine with that this year.  My Husband is a sports fanatic, and has passed that onto the boys.  They wrestle, and play football, and are constantly tackling each other at all waking hours of the day.  The boys got ready for the big game, and were excited to watch the final game of the year take place.  Generally, I like to watch for the half time show performance, and the commercials.  But this year, apparently I didn't care for either.....because I was watching YouTube videos on how to crochet, and attempting my first granny square on my own.  Without my teacher sitting next to me.  Eeeekks.  I wouldn't say it went great, but I started, and can learn from my mistakes.  Carl chuckled a few times, and might have poked fun at me as I sat there watching my videos, hook and yarn in my hand, pausing and playing the video as I went.  He may have called me a nerd.......and I am perfectly fine with that :)

We had such a great weekend, and it feels good to be prepared for the week ahead.  Now- bring on Spring, nice weather, melting snow and BABY! Oh, and a learned art of crochet :)  I will keep you updated on that last one.