Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

From two of my Loves, to you and yours!  Happy Valentine's Day!

"Ahhhh, Mom has her camera out again!"  Haha.  :)

"Mom, look at my muscles!"  Clearly a Valentine's Day photoshoot must-have with boys, right?!  Ha.

Hope you have a great Love Day!  It's always so much fun to love a little extra hard on those special people in your life.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NINE Months

Weston is at one of my most favorite stages in the first year.  He is getting to be very interactive, is developing a full personality, and we are loving watching this little lad grow.

Wes is still constantly making us laugh, and is such a character.  He always has us on our toes, and is so much more busy and into things than Carson ever was.

Lately Wes has been doing the same silly face that Carson did around the 1 year mark.  He scrunches his nose up, and breathes in and out----making a funny noise, and look.  We all laugh, and he giggles, and does it again.  It's like he knows he is putting on quite the show.  He does it a lot, and thinks it is fun to make people laugh.

Bath time is still one of Wes's favorite activities.  Carson has now come to the point where he won't take a bath unless Weston is in there with him.  So fun, and cute, and adorable.  They have a lot of fun in the tub together.  The floor usually ends up soaked drenched sopping wet, but we have fun!

Wes currently has 5 teeth, and they are so darn cute.  He has 3 on the top, and 2 on the bottom.  His front two teeth make me smile, as one is longer than the other.  I absolutely love this picture that shows it.  Carl says he looks like a Hillbilly :)

Weston is still on all fours, and is getting to be so fast.  He loves to walk behind his walker, and is really good at it.  He is also walking along furniture, and getting rather gutsy when it comes to going one handed to get to a different location.  He is so extremely brave, and the thought of getting hurt never crosses his mind---I am almost guaranteed of it.

We have been trying to introduce a few more solid foods to Wes, and while he isn't opposed to them, he also doesn't eat much in any large amounts. He will try a few bites, and is content with a highchair sitting being followed with a bottle.  He really likes little puffs, yogurt melts, cheerios, crackers, bread, and toddler cheese bites.  He will act like he really likes applesauce, yogurt, cottage cheese, and a few other solids---but will only take a few bites of each, and then he is done.  I let him decide what he is going to eat, and the amounts.  I am really looking to just introduce different flavors and textures to him now. And so far he has done really well with it, he just doesn't like too much of anything.  We are no longer feeding him any kind of baby food, because we end up just wasting it all.  So, I think I will save the rest of the containers we have, and give them to a little baby who will eat them.  We don't like to waste 'round here :)

  • Weight?  We just had his 9 month check up, and he weights 19 pounds, 12 ounces, and is 28 inches long.  I looked back at Carson's 9 month check up, and he was a pound lighter, and an inch shorter. 

  • How much is he eating now? Wes is still getting 6 ounce bottles throughout the day.  He seems to really rely on his bottles, and doesn't seem to sit and eat a "meal" in his chair.  But, he has cut back a bottle or two throughout the day.

  • How long does he sleep at night? Since I am writing this journal a little late, I will go back to his 9th month of living, and not his current status right now.  During his whole 9th month, he was still up about once a night for a bottle.  He goes to bed about 7:30-8:00, would wake up at about 3:00 for his bottle feeding, and then would go back to sleep until about 6:00ish.

  • What size clothes is he in? W is pretty much in all 12 month clothing right now.  He is longer than Carson was at this age, so he is wearing some jeans/pants that Carson was wearing at 1 year.  Occasionally I will find a 9 month outfit that still fits, but otherwise it is all 12 month clothing.  I am having a really hard time storing away some of his outgrown clothes already! 

  • Facial expressions? Wes is full of funny faces, and noises these days.  He has the scrunched up face that he likes to make, and we are working on "so big."  He likes to say "da-da" and "ga-ga" a lot, and I have just recently heard a "ma-ma!"  Ohhh, that makes me smile, and melts my heart!  He also grunts a lot when he gets really excited.  It's probably the cutest thing ever.

  • Learned anything new this month? I think his biggest accomplishment these days is moving around furniture, and mustering up some guts to go from one object to another---one hand at a time.  It is so fun to watch him map it out, grunt a little, and achieve his goal.....if brother hasn't interfered, of course :)   

  • Did you celebrate any holidays this past month? The big holiday for this time around was New Years Eve.  But since we didn't really do much, I won't really elaborate on that much.  

  • Recognizing anybody new? Wes is definitely into the "stranger danger" phase, and more so than I remember with Carson.  He doesn't like to be left alone in a room, and will cry if he can't see you in sight.  He doesn't like to be handed off to just anybody, and will generally get a big fat lip, and start to cry until he is handed to a familiar face.  He really enjoys daycare, so that is not an issue for morning drop-offs (phew!) and I absolutely love to go and pick him up every day.  It is such a joy to see him get so excited to see me every day, and his legs and arms go crazy.  That puts a smile on my face every time!  
Carl and I are constantly talking about how we can't believe that Wes is pushing his 10th month already!  Time is just going by too quickly.  I am enjoying every stage, and trying my best to not cry as Weston grows before my eyes.

W truly is such a joy to have around.  We are having so much fun watching him develop his own personality, and grow that special bond with his brother that I thought I could only have dreamed of.  I am witnessing a dream come true.  It's a magical thing, really.