Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today is my birthday.  The big 2-4.  On 4-12.  I have been known to be a bit crazy about my birth date...4-12.  I am sure if you ask a lot of my classmates from high school, they would still remember when my birthday is, because I was known to repeat the numbers 4-12....a lot.  And, incorporate it into pretty much everything.  So, I always have to laugh when I stumble across someone who greets me with a "Hello" and it is followed with a "Yes, I remember your birth date...how could I forget!"  haha. 

I got spoiled rotten today, and really enjoyed my day.  I woke up to my adorable Wee Lad and hubby handing me a card, gift, and chocolate cake.  That was enough to make my day absolutely perfect.  I headed to work with a pan of brownies to share.  Carl grilled lunch for me, and we enjoyed a peaceful lunch on our back deck.  We enjoyed this beautiful weather, and enjoyed a nice little date.

My phone was filled with texts and phone calls.  My FB wall flooded with messages.  And, our mailbox was full of cards, all wishing me a Happy Birthday.  It is so nice to receive the special greetings from dear family and friends. 

My favorite time of every day is getting off work, and going to pick up Carson.  I feel complete after I have him with me, and enjoy heading home, and starting our evenings together.  And, tonight was no different.  I actually may have had a little extra excitement tonight.

My Mom and Sister came over tonight, and spent the evening with us, and we had a nice supper together.  Carl bought a cake for me, and I think Carson enjoyed digging right in.  He actually showed some interest in it, unlike 6 months ago at his 1st birthday party! 

Carson also found much enjoyment with the lid of the cake.  Let's just say he was put in the tub after he was done with the cake :)

This past weekend, we celebrated my birthday with some of our friends.  And, I was spoiled then, too!  I got 24 gifts, for my 24th birthday.  Pretty special, huh?  I thought so!  I was also surprised with an amazing cake!  Oh, and a t-shirt that my husband picked out.  Leave it to him to find me a Tinker Bell "Irresistible" shirt!  haha.  I love him so much :)

I had a wonderful day, that I will never forget.  It was great in all ways, and I couldn't ask for anything more.  I was surrounded by loved ones, and friends.  And that is enough to make my day complete, and fill me with gratefulness.  Gratefulness that I am loved, and have such amazing people in my life, who care about me.  I am blessed, in so many ways.  Thank you to all who sent greetings, left a message, sent a card, gave a gift, or wished me a happy birthday. 

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  1. WOW What a day of celebrating!! God Bless in the year to come.