Friday, April 8, 2011

Story Time

Our little guy is growing up so much.  And, as much as it excites me, I am a little sad at the same time.  He is almost a 1-1/2.  That is just crazy! 

Today, while Carson was at daycare, they took a little field trip.  They went to Story Time at the library.  Marissa told me that he usually doesn't ever leave her lap during the story, and that doesn't surprise me.  But today.....was a different story.  She said that today he went and sat on the rug right next to Maleah, and "listened" while the story was read.  And, participated in the craft and snack time.  That report made my heart melt, and makes me so proud.  Our little guy is becoming so brave, and is growing up so much.  He hasn't really shown many signs of having an outgoing personality, so to hear that he reached out, and tried something new today, makes me so happy.

The weather forecast for this weekend sounds great.  We all hope to get outside, and play with the "wee lad".....or so Daddy calls Carson.  He really enjoys the outdoors, and I love the opportunity to get the 3 of us together, and play.  Play our little hearts out.....all of us, together.  I think the park, and a picnic is calling our name.

I am going to leave you all with an adorable picture of Carson.  This was sent to me from Marissa showing me how happy he is there :)  This picture is now set as my background on my computer at work.  Thanks for the picture, Marissa!

Happy Weekend!  Take some time to admire the small things, and spend a little extra time with a loved one.  I know I will!

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  1. My heart is melted too. I can just see him imitating the other children by sitting and listening to the story. SWEET! Picnic sounds like fun-choose an enchanting spot-that's the secret to picnicking.