Monday, April 4, 2011


Carson and I had a little play date tonight, with some good friends of ours.  The Johnson's have a cutie of a son that is about 3 months old, Landry Christopher.  So, we went and enjoyed their company, and Carson was so good!  I am sure these two little guys will be into trouble before we know it.  I can just picture it now....Carson showin' Landry the ropes :)

Now, you can't tell me that this cute little smile doesn't melt your heart?  It does mine, that's for sure!  What a sweet, sweet little boy he is.

Carson was so gentle with Landry, and it was so precious to watch the two of them together.  Carson would try and hug Landry, but I don't think he really understood the concept that laying on top of Landry hurts the poor little guy! ha. 

Carson was also very helpful, and tried to burp Landry.  It was too cute for words to describe!  He got right up on Renee's lap, nuzzled into her arm, and knew exactly what to do.  It was adorable! 

We tuckered the poor little guy out.  He had his first day at daycare, and I think he was really tired from that.  He is such a precious little boy, and we enjoy spending time with him.

I think there will be more play dates to come, especially since the weather is getting nicer.  I think stroller rides will be calling our names, as the temps start to warm up.  But for now, sweet dreams. 

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  1. Landry is a sweetie. Thanks for sharing him with the rest of us.