Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Play Date

This beautiful weather called for a play the park.  The sunshine, and outdoors was calling our names.  So, we responded, and headed to the playground! 

Carson had a lot of fun going down the different slides.  Some big, and some small.  He was so brave, and went down the big slide on his belly facing forwards, and backwards.  Daddy was right there with him, but he was giggling the whole time, letting us know he was truly enjoying himself. 

Carson also enjoyed the swing.  He didn't really like to go very high, but Daddy would push him, and he would get a huge grin across his face, and laugh. 

He also took a ride in the police car.  He thought it was pretty neat how it would rock back and forth.

Daddy thought that he would jump in on the action, and go down a slide with Carson.  Carson thought that was pretty funny.  He kept looking at Carl, and giggled, like he knew he was too big for the slide. 

Carson did have a little accident while at the park.  He fell going up one of the metal steps, and bumped his upper lip/nose on the step.  It looked like it was a pretty painful fall.  So, I went in, and rescued the poor little guy, and cuddled him until I got him settled down.  He was a little timid after the fall, but he is a tough little guy, and still continued to play.  He does have a little scrape on his lip, but nothing serious.  I think it really scared him more than anything.

We really enjoy the park, and I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time there this Summer.  Carson seems to enjoy himself, and I enjoy watching him explore.  Carson is a "wonderer" and he just wondered around the park, looking at everything.  Every so often Carl and I would look at each other, and laugh, because Carson was just walking in the grass, and not playing on the equipment.  He would walk through the leaves, and turn around and do it again.  He is pretty content, and easy to please, I guess you could say.  A park visit was exactly what we needed, and it was a great Saturday afternoon activity that we all enjoyed. 

Happy Weekend!  Hope you have a great one.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your park experience. It looks like Carson is feeling better and getting playful again for which I am grateful. Ang, you caught the action of the day; your still-photography is GREAT!