Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Leaves

One of my most favorite memories I have from when I was a little girl, is playing in the leaves at my Dad's house.  This was one season that we went all out for, and we had so much fun decorating for Halloween.  We would stuff shirts and jeans full of leaves, add some boots, tie the loose ends, at a pumpkin head, and set our scarecrow dummy out front.

We would also bag up the leaves that we found on the yard, and put them into the plastic pumpkin bags.  This would add to our display that we put out front for all to see.

I am working on getting my hands on some pictures from when we were little sitting by our masterpieces.  They were good, trust me.

I found some leaf bags this year, and I just couldn't resist.  I thought it would be fun to start this tradition with Carson, and I can only hope this is a fond experience that he stores in that memory bank of his for many years to come.

Tuesday night was a perfect night, and it begged for everyone to be outside.  Our days are getting shorter, and the sun is setting earlier each day.  With that, the night time delivers all too quickly for my liking.  Carson says "it's black outside, Mom!" and he couldn't be more right.  Dark-black....same thing, right?!  Yeah, I think so too. That also goes along with his latest funny......Carson was outside riding his tractor, and he stopped dead in his tracks.  That was followed with....."Oh, Mom look!  There is a big white ball up there!"  Carl and I couldn't stop laughing.  "Yes, Carson...that is the moon!  MOON, honey--it's a moon!"  Haha.
Getting back on track.  With Tuesday night's weather, we decided it would be a perfect night to get some leaves picked up, and put them into the pumpkin bags.  Carson was thrilled with the activity we had planned for the night.  He was so excited to play in the leaves, and help Daddy fill the bags.

He also thoroughly enjoyed driving his tractor through the leaves before we picked them up.

Prepare yourself for the picture overload!

I will let the pictures do most of the talking.  Carson was loving the project at hand, and Weston was content as can be sitting on the grass.  This was his first ever grass experience, and he had no objections.  He is also sitting up all by himself these days.  OH, and his first little toofer is showing in some of the pics!  Ugh, this little boy is growing up all too quickly!  I am not sure who's agenda he is following, other than his very own.....but it's certainly not mine :)  And, I am not quite sure what the rush is, but that's ok.  I just wish I could freeze time.  But since I can't, and I know that, I will soak it all in, and enjoy every minute.  It doesn't get much better than this!

This little guy of ours is always so happy.  Always.  Seriously.  We were blessed with a true gem.

I spy a cute little white toofer! (Well, and a lot of drool.....hangin' from the chin and all.)

Carson got a leaf in his mouth, and spit for a good 5 minutes.  It was rather comical, actually.  

Sitting up all by himself!  He is such a big boy now. 

This face is what I look forward to all day.  It brightens my mood instantly when I pick him up every afternoon.  

This face is paired with his cute little "mmmmm" noise that he makes.  It is adorable all around. 

Those eyes are to die for.  Oh, and the soaking wet shirt.  It begins.....already. 

Daddy is ready to teach all about tackling already.  Oh, who am I kidding.  Daddy has been tackling for years now.  And Carson loves every minute of it---truly! 

I love to add captions to pictures.  I am pretty sure this one would say something along the lines of..."Mom, are you seriously putting me in the back of this thing?  Have you seen my big bro drive this thing around?  He is a maniac!  I am bound to get injured."

Carson loves to help in any way possible.  So Daddy gave him the task of carrying this little black pumpkin bag to the front of the house.  I must add that he drug the bag the whole way, on the cement, and by the time he got to his destination--it pretty much had a hole in it.  But he helped, and he was darn proud of himself!  

Our pumpkins are now sitting in front of our house for all to see.  We have a story and many memories behind these pumpkins, and I love that about this picture.  It may just look like a simple picture to many, but to us---it is so much more than that.  

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  1. The Brouwer family "celebrated the leaves" in a big and royal way this year. Good job! And the pictures told your story so well; clear and bright and autumny.