Wednesday, April 1, 2015

39 weeks

Thirty. Nine. Weeks. pregnant with the little lady!

Carl and I had our final date night before we welcome her into this world last Friday night.  His parents handed us a gift card to the Brown Bottle, said they were keeping the kids overnight, and sent us off on a date night.  It's hard to pass up a night out to re-connect with my handsome hubby, especially when it is paid for!  I am so blessed and thankful I get to do this wild and crazy life with this special guy.  Man, has he been my rock lately!  I don't know what I would do without him, and his encouraging words.  He is so full of grace, and understanding---it is unreal.  

We are into the single digits until her due date!  We have hit the month of April, which is baby month!  We will for sure meet her next Friday, if she doesn't decide to come before then!  We only have one more weekend left to prepare, and soak up our little family of 4!

And yes, that is a lot of explanation points, because I am that excited!

Here is to the final week of being pregnant, and to fully soaking up the boys before we won't see them for a few days because we will be in the hospital celebrating our daughter's birthday!!  I am so extremely excited to see her precious little face for the first time, hold her squishy little body, and to witness the grand meeting of the siblings.  It's going to be magical.