Monday, April 11, 2011

Low Key Weekend

This weekend was pretty low key, with not much going on.  We spent the weekend together as a family.  And, let me tell you how much I love that feeling!  I got to spend a full two days with my hubby.  That is something I don't get very often, so I really enjoyed it. 

The weather on Saturday wasn't near as nice as we thought it would be.  So, we didn't get much outside playing in.  I was kind of bummed about that, but I am sure there will be plenty of nice days to come.  And, I am so excited to report that I purchased a bike this weekend, and I am so thrilled to test it out.  With our little man behind in his trailer, of course.

I enjoy the relaxing weekends, without a ton of commitments on our plate.  It's kind of nice to not have any major obligations, and just really enjoy our time together.

Here are a few snapshots from the weekend. 

Carson apparently felt the need to "double" up on his sippy cups.  I am not exactly sure why he even had access to two in the first place? 

We are going to put a big fat "X" next to the box on liking cheeseballs!  And, what does Carl do?  Brings home the biggest container of them for Carson to dive right into.  Can you guess how many cheeseballs are in that huge container?  That was my quiz question this weekend.  And, I failed....big time.  I guessed about 500, and there are approximately 1,040.  I think you can tell by the mess on Carson's face how much he enjoyed them.  He even decided to swap out a cheesball for his pacifier.  That's when you know he really likes them!  Now.....where to store the container?

These are a few of Carson's favorite books right now.  The Easter Bunny book, Good Night Russell the Sheep, and Brown Bear Brown Bear.  We read them numerous times each night, and I really enjoy that time alone with Carson, to wind down after a long day. 

Carson also enjoys having a little snack before bed time.  But, he has to take every little cracker out of the container, and try and shove every. single. one. in his mouth at the same time!  No matter if it's 2, or 10...he will try and put them all in that little mouth of his. 

And, I think Carson approves of the new recliner that we have added to our living room.  It didn't take him long, and he was zonked out.  He was really tired from playing so hard this afternoon with Daddy.

Sweet Dreams, our little Wee Lad.  We love you dearly.

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  1. OOOOH! Carson's hair is coming in so cute..It shows well on a cheese puff picture. And what more does a boy need to sleep then a sippy cut, blanky and pacefier? Sweet dreams, Carson, and pray you are feeling better today.