Monday, November 19, 2012

Toy Story Shindig {THIRD Birthday Partay}

With the help of my loving husband, amazing Mother, and other family members---we pulled it off.  We had a wonderful Toy Story themed birthday party celebrating three years for our Wee Lad!

This is the invitation I sent out to family and friends.  I think this ended up being one of my favorite details from the party!  They turned out so cool, and I was so happy with them.

We have so many loving family members that attend birthday parties, that we decided to host the party in our garage this year.  Our house just isn't big enough for 35+ people, and I am going to go with----most people's aren't.

With the party being in the garage this year, we had a little more planning, setting up, and executing to do.  Only one wall in our garage is "finished" and I don't like the looks of the typical garage and all the stuff that comes with it---not when it comes to hosting a party, anyway.  So, I sought out to seek help.  I always go to my Mom.  She always has a solution, and is always more than willing to help.  Combine that with her party planning skills, and it's always the best match.

I wanted the walls in the garage covered, so my Mom helped us hang black curtains from the ceiling.  I am so bummed I didn't get any pictures of our work in progress.  Nothing!  Carl says I am slacking....I came back with "I am busy!"  My Mom also has a big piece of carpet that she uses in her garage, so we borrowed that for the evening.  It was perfect.

It's amazing what those black curtains did to our garage.  It looked so finished, and it was fabulous---exactly what I had in mind.

We made Mr. Potato head, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and "Andy's Room" posters to hang from the black curtains in the garage.  I also don't have any pictures of us making these, either.  Such a bummer.  They were the perfect addition and made for great decorations!

I dressed up like the character "Jessie" and Carson was "Woody."  I tried to do some major convincing to have Carl dress up like "Buzz Lightyear" but I just couldn't do the trick. 

We focused our birthday party theme around Toy Story 3, and the party took place at "Sunnyside Daycare."  Bless my husband's heart for being such a trooper, and helping me make this big sign.  I come up with these grand ideas, and rope people in to helping me.  He was the lucky one this time, and I thought he did such a great job!

We had "Pizza Planet" pizza, meatballs, chips, and cupcakes.  We played "Pin the body parts on Mr. Potato Head" and I think all the kids and adults had a blast!

It was so much fun watching everyone try their best to make a realistic looking Mr. Potato Head.  We put his nose/mustache/mouth on the potato head, so they could feel as to where the rest of the body parts were supposed to go.  There were some funny looking heads after everyone was done!  There was also a lot of laughter being had during this game.  That is my favorite---a sure sign of a good time.  I love having games at birthday parties.  It is one of my favorite things to do.  It gets all of the kids involved, and everyone has fun either participating, or watching the game.  (Sorry for the excessive amount of pictures.  I had to get everyone in action, and then with their final product!)





Nattie and DiDi:


Papa Mike: 


Papa Brouwer:  (He claims his Potato head was "left handed." Ha)




After the game was over, we moved right on to presents.  Carson had fun opening all of his gifts.  I feel like he "gets" what this present thing is all about, but doesn't get all excited like some other kids.  I actually think he gets a little overwhelmed with the idea.  He opened his first gift, and didn't really want to keep going.  He just wanted to play with the toys that were sitting in front of him.  I did enjoy watching his face light up with every present he opened.  It's so precious to see the big smile on his face, showing his love and gratitude for the gift. I love this trait about this kind-hearted little boy.  And he was so sweet and followed the present opening with a sweet "thank you" to everyone.

After presents, we had dessert.  I made cupcakes with Toy Story toppers, and Carson had fun blowing out his "3" candle.  We all sang happy birthday to the special birthday boy, and then he blew out his candle.  There may or may not have been some spit involved with the blowing part of this activity :)

Grandma Sally was home this year to help our little Wee Lad celebrate his 3rd birthday, and that was so fun!  We really enjoyed having her attend the party, and are so thankful for her. 

I love all the little details that come with a party.  I get this from my Mom.  I blame a lot on her, but for this---I can thank her.  She passed that trait down to all of us.  My sister got all of the other fabulous traits, and didn't leave me with much organization, but we all have a love and passion for the details.  I mean, did you see Natalie's cupcake birthday party?  It was so neat!

This year's party was a huge success.  I think everyone that attended enjoyed themselves, and the birthday boy was beyond ecstatic.  He was smiling from ear to ear during the party, and was showing some sure signs of his amount of gratefulness that he was feeling.  I always enjoy family get togethers.  Whether it be holiday meals, birthday party, holiday traditions, or just for fun gatherings, they always prove to be so much fun.  Carson really enjoys playing with his cousins, and we as adults, are constantly reminded and thankful for our loving support system we call family. 


We did it.  We pulled it off.  The Toy Story birthday party was a huge success, and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.  We are so thankful for everyone who came and helped us celebrate this precious little boy of ours!

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  1. The Birthday Party was wonderful fun and you guys did a superb job of entertaining us. Thank you for the pictures as a reminder.