Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Rounds 2 & 3, and a few in between

We had a busy weekend.  All three of us had a three day weekend.  And for that, we are thankful!  It was amazing to spend some quality time with our family!  We could tell that Carson was loving having us both around, and we were just soakin' each other up. 

We started out our Friday with an Easter Egg hunt at the Stuco Center here in town.  Carson did really well at the hunt, and even knew a few kids there.  It was fun to see him interact with the different kids.

Saturday was the town Easter Egg hunt at the City Park.  Carson didn't seem to pick up near as many eggs, but I think he enjoyed being outside, and having us there with him.  He did enjoy carrying his bucket around, and dumping the eggs out of it, of course.  And, a piece of chocolate, that was clearly too big for his little mouth.  He ended up spitting it out, and giving it to me.  Thank you, honey :)

Then came Easter Sunday.  It was a busy day, but oh so fun.  The Easter bunny must have known that Carson has been such a good boy, because he came, and delivered a basket.  It was specially packaged for our little cutie. 

After that, we were off to church.  We got a good dose of Orchard Hill.  It was a packed house, which is always a joy to see.  Carson did pretty well during the service.  After that, we headed to the Bridges to have lunch with G&G Larson.  It is always a delicious buffet spread.

How cute is this?  Hand up on the face, looking all adorable.  And, he is all ours.  Amazing.

Carl and I got a quick pic in, but Carson wasn't really cooperating at this moment.  He was tired.  Very tired. 

After lunch, we were off to Frannie and Grandpa Gary's house for dessert, Easter baskets, and yet another hunt.  Frannie and Carson had fun hunting the eggs that the Easter bunny, AKA Grandpa, hid outside.  And, I am sure this is no surprise to anyone....we ALL got spoiled rotten with our Easter baskets. 

Carson found a few Easter eggs right inside the door.  He was greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Easter bunny.  In the eggs he found Smarties.  His favorite! 

 Let the egg finding begin!  Carson got a whole bucket full of good stuff.


After he found out there were hidden treasures inside the egg, the rest was history.  Let the sugar high begin.

I am in love with his cute little smirk.  And, his hands behind his back.  These pictures are a great description of the true Carson.  He is such a goof ball. 

And this stunning looking couple would be Frannie and Grandpa Gary.  They are simply amazing.  Enough said.

Check it out.  Carson's Easter baskets.  He is spoiled, and loved very much.  He got a basket from Aunt DiDi and Uncle Nathan, Frannie and Grandpa Gary, and Uncle Chris and Aunt Kasey!  Phew.  That's a lot of good stuff.   

These are a few pictures of our lover.  And, Carson loved having his Daddy around.  I think I came in 2nd this weekend.  But, that is ok.  Because, to see my two boys bond with each other is truly amazing, and such a joy to watch.  They have so much fun together, and it is so apparent. 

Carson does this quite often these days.  He will grab your face, and make you look him in the eye.  It is so adorable.  And, if you are lucky, it is followed with a kiss.  Which, is to die for, and can make your day in a heartbeat. 

And, it is capped off with a hug.  He is such a sweetheart through and through. 

Carson got a much needed nap at Frannie and Grandpa Gary's house Sunday afternoon, but that was cut short, as we headed out to G&G Brouwers' house for some more good food, Easter baskets, another hunt, and play time with cousins. 

These would be my attempts at a good "Cousins" picture.  I failed, as you can tell.  It is very difficult to get 6 small kiddos to all look and smile at the same time!  Not to mention, Carson was not a happy you can tell. 

You can't really tell by these pictures, but Walter, G&G's cat, is in Carson's Easter basket.  Carson noticed the cat, and tried to sit on him.  He then pulled his tail and laughed.  Walter ran.  I would have too!  He is such a stinker sometimes. 

And this.  This would be a picture I snapped of my handsome hubby :)  I. am. Blessed.

It was a fun day, filled with great company.  And, remembering just how blessed we are this Easter day.  We have so much to be thankful for. 

Carl, Carson and I enjoyed a lovely extended weekend.  We had so much fun just being with each other, no matter what was on the agenda.  It's weekends like this that are so memorable.  Not necessarily for the events that took place, but for every last bit of family time we got squeezed into the wonderful weekend. 

This is to a grand weekend, and remembering the real and true reason of why we celebrate this Easter season.

We are all a bit tired from the busy weekend.  And, oh how I love to snuggle with my baby.  Good Night.

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  1. Wowwee! So much for me to absorb. It's all so good. Especially loved seeing Frannie and Gary in your blog. Now I wonder what Carson is thinking about carrying around a pail of one sort or another for three days and then "that's all done". You captured some wonderful memories of Easter week-end and thank you for sharing them.