Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

Last night we attended the gender reveal party that I talked about yesterday.  And, I am here to report that I was wrong.  It's a GIRL!!!  Oh how I am so excited to be start buying pink things!  I am not used to that, and I have a feeling I am going to have a lot of fun!  Carl has always said it's a good thing we didn't have a girl, because we would be so broke!  So, I am glad that my sister can pull through, and can satisfy my fix with providing me with a niece!

We all went over to Nathan and Diane's house last night for supper.  When we got there, we were all told to grab a cupcake.  And, that is how the gender was going to be revealed.  Inside of the cupcake was a little pink star that said "It's a Girl!" 

They also handed out little Hershey bars that said "HERESHEIS" and had the estimated arrival date on it.  August 17th.  That is the BIG day we are all looking forward to so much! 

Carson also went to the party with the most appropriate shirt around.  "BEST BIG COUSIN EVER"  I am sure Carson will show his little cousin a thing or two about how to get in trouble.  Ha. 

He also enjoyed some blue M&Ms.  I guess he was thinking the same as I was....he thought the little one was going to be a boy, too!

Carson also enjoyed some playtime with Uncle Chris.  I think they both enjoy each other's company.

We are so thrilled for Uncle Nathan and Aunt DiDi during this exciting time.  They are going to make wonderful parents, and soon will experience the world of parenthood.....which, is the best!  And, I am excited to spoil this little girl rotten!

In other news.............

Carson likes to try on Daddy's new boots.  They are about the size of him, and weigh about as much as him, too! 

Carson has also discovered that the tape measure is pretty fun to play with as well.  He will pull the tape out, and it retracts back, all by itself...and he thinks that is the coolest thing!  His eyes get really big when it happens, and he gets a look of complete amazement on his face.

Carson is really starting to get his appetite back.....and for that, we are very thankful! He is sticking with some of the comfort of them being toast.

And this would be a typical morning when Daddy is in charge......Carl will ask:  "Carson, you want to eat in the living room, and watch Sports Center, and ESPN?  Ok, we can do that buddy!"  Carl will then tell me....."Honey, Carson asked to eat breakfast in the living room, and you know me, I just couldn't turn that cute little face down, so I gave in and said yes."  Ha.  Ok, my dear.  Whatever you say!  :)  Apparently they have this 'Father-Son' talk that a Mom just wouldn't understand.  Or, so Carl says. 

This, my friends, is our handsome little guy all dressed and ready for church.  His cute little bod is enough to make your heart melt.  Every. Time.

Carson's new favorite thing to do is play with his barn animals, and line them up on his crib.  He will stash them in his crib while he is playing, and put them through the bars one by one.  So, he can play with them when he gets up in the morning, or after his nap.  He tries so very hard to line them up with his pudgy little hands, as drool rolls from his mouth, indicating just how hard he is concentrating on the task at hand.

I will say he does an excellent job, and I am very impressed because of how narrow the railing is.  His hands do sometimes get in the way, and knock a few over while he is putting another one up, but he just continues about his way. 

Then the 'boy' in him kicks in, and he will shake the railing, and laugh as they all fall down.  And, he will then start all over again.    

Carson was back at daycare today, and he had a great report.  I was so pleased to hear he had a good day!  I personally still don't feel as if he is completely back to himself, but we are hoping it will happen soon.  It sounds as if the weekend weather should be decent, and I think the fresh air is calling our name.  Along with a walk, and the park, and the windows are begging to be opened.  Our house is also begging for a fresh breeze to be rolling through it.  So, hopefully we will be able to satisfy all of the above! 

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  1. I'm thanking God today for blogging. My heart melts when I see all the precious antics you capture, Ang. Thank you for being devoted to this process for it is amazing for me to feel "in touch" with you and yours. The animal trick on the bed rail is delightful. Keep getting "weller" Carson. I love you.