Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grandpa Gary

I am kind of liking the idea of doing a segment on the important people in our lives.  People who are very dear to us, and are very special. 

Grandpa Gary is one of those people.  He is one of a kind in the Grandpa field.  He is a true caregiver, and a lover like you wouldn't believe!

Grandpa was there at the hospital many times to welcome Carson into this great big world.  And, he had the proud Grandpa look written all over his face!

Carson and Grandpa Gary have this special bond that I don't think I will ever be able to explain with words.
The 3 of us lived with my parents for a few weeks while we were in transition between homes, and remodeling our new one.  And, Carson and Grandpa really got to know each other really well.  Every night when Grandpa would walk through the door, he would get welcomed home by a huge squeal from Carson.  That is the only person he would give such an excited welcome to!  I was a little perturbed by that at first, but then quickly discovered it was so cute to see! 

A lot of times Carson will choose to go to Grandpa over anyone else.  Why?  I have no idea.  Other than he knows he is safe in his arms, and feels secure.

The two of them sure do have fun together.....and they laugh, and giggle, and play, and talk to one another. 

Grandpa is also a great story teller.  Carson usually doesn't sit and listen, or read a book.  But, on occasion, he will sit and look at the pages to a book. 

This picture melts my heart everytime I look at it.  It is just so....them.  They are both laid back, and relaxed people.  And, both enjoy a good nap.  A good Hawkeye game was on at the time of this picture.....would you have guessed that?  Ha.  Must have been a nail biter of a game :)

Grandpa Gary is so special to all of us, and we love him dearly.  He is so caring, loving, thoughtful, and loves to interact, and play with Carson.  Still to this day Carson gets so excited when he sees his Grandpa.  They have a special bond that is so neat to see. 

Here is a video that I got of Carson tonight of him "talking" these days.  It is the cutest sound, and is truly music to my ears!  I love to listen to him talk. 

Stay tuned for more special people in our lives.  We have a lot of them.  Trust me when I say, we are surrounded by wonderful loved ones! 

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  1. Great idea to get Carson's voice on record. I'll be playing that over and over. And he's a lucky boy to have such wonderful Grandpa's AND Grandma's. Sweet pictures of Gary with the "Charmer", especially the one where they both are slumbering. You do an excellent job of capturing the fun you and Carl are having with your son.