Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Fun and Birthday Cake

This weekend was a busy, and very fun weekend!  On Saturday we headed to Des Moines, and ate some lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  This was Carson's first visit, and I think he approves.  It is a winner of a restaurant in everyone's book!

I have a piece of bun in my mouth that I should have swallowed before taking this picture! 

We then spent most of the afternoon at Homemakers.  Diane found some baby furniture, and I found a chair for the living room.  That evening we headed to the Funny Bone comedy club, and had 2 hours worth of pure laughter.  Poor Carl got called up on stage, but I think they chose him because he is so darn handsome!

Carson, the little cutie of a monster, is back in the house. 

On Sunday, this little Princess turned SIX! 

The afternoon was filled with presents............ 
We taped her present shut, and she struggled a bit. Oops!
Delicious iCarly Cake..........

Making a wish.............

Blowing out the candles........

And, fun with baby dolls for Carson.  Which, may I add, Daddy was so happy to see!  ha.  :)  I call it well rounded, and there is not a thing wrong with this sight! 

Carson did so well at the party with a farely big crowd, and a lot of people he didn't know very well.  He is really starting to show so many signs of becoming such a big boy!  He also gave a round of hugs, to some of who are complete strangers.  Have I said before that we have a sweetheart on our hands?  Because, we do!

Sunday afternoon was family time, just the 3 of us.  Oh how I wish we had more of that time.  But, we work with what we have, and have a lot of fun doing it!

Carl put Carson's football bucket on his head, and he didn't really know what to think about that.  Carson just kind of stared at him, and gave him strange looks.  I did too.....hehe.  :)

And, he still likes the oven mitt.  It has now moved to his closet, with all the other toys.  I was actually in need of it tonight, and didn't know where it had scurried off to.  Then I remembered where it probably was.......a cute little mouse probably had it hiding in his room! 

It has definitely been confirmed that Carson thoroughly enjoys spaghetti!  We have found out that he enjoys any kind of pasta, but anything marinara just might be at the top of his list. 

I think that Peek-a-Boo with pudgy little fingers covered in spaghetti sauce is so much more fun.  Or maybe cute.  Regardless, it is to die for!

Especially when it is followed by this face.  Resistible, I tell you!

Carson is also big into balls these days.  He likes to play with them, throw them, and try and catch them.  He knows what to do, he just can't quite figure out the hand-eye coordination thing quite yet. 

We have also discovered something else about Carson just recently.  He loves the outdoors!  Last week when he was with Grandma Sally on Friday, she took him on a walk, and in his report of how his day went, it was filled with him loving the outdoors.  So much so, that he kicked and screamed when Grandma decided it was time to go inside.  It is still a bit too chilly for him to spend a long period of time outdoors, especially since he is just recovering from being sick.  But, we are looking forward to the nice days and evenings that we can play outside!  Until then, we will gaze into the great outdoors, and ponder the different activities we just can't wait to partake in. golfing!  Carson has his club and golf ball all ready to go.  He knows which ball goes with what toy.  Such a little smarty!

The weekend was a great one.  We really enjoy time together, and with special family.  This picture is one of my new favorites.  It shows who Carson truly is.  He brings so much life to our lives.  This little boy brings on a whole new meaning of what we live for.  We are so blessed. 

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  1. You truly are blessed and thank you thank you for sharing through this blog so I can be blessed as well. It's all so very good - God is good. Is that the first picture you've gotten showing off his mouthful of teeth? Priceless!