Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quick Update

Carson is still not feeling well.  I stayed home from work today to be with him.  And, as much as I love to stay home from work to be with him, it's just not the same.  Don't get me wrong, I loved every minute with him, no matter what his condition is/was, but I just hate to see my baby in pain.  He whimpers, and cries, and tries his very best to be his playful self, but just can't gather enough energy to do so.  He was pretty miserable for most of the day, and that just breaks my heart. 

So, Carson and I cuddled, and snuggled, and read books, and just loved.  Because, my baby needed me the most today, and I gave him my all.  I was all his today, and I think he knew that.  He would look at me with his watery, sad eyes, but through those eyes I could see he was thankful to have a shoulder to lay his head on.  And, I was the chosen one, and I rose to the challenge.  I soothed him, medicated him when needed, rocked him, sang to him, and cared for him.  I felt needed, and I was here for him 100%. 

I called the doctor this afternoon, and gave the nurse his symptoms.  She said it sounds as if he has some sort of sinus infection, so we will go and see the doctor tomorrow.  Hopefully we can get him on an antibiotic, and he will be back to himself in no time. 

We are ready for this bug to exit his system, and hopefully that will happen soon. 

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  1. I'm anxious to hear that Carson is feeling better. Blog that news soon. I'm thankful that a Mother's love also delivers recquired compassion to their wee ones. Praying he'll be better soon!