Thursday, March 3, 2011


Ok.  So, I know that I have mentioned many times before that Carson is blessed.  Well, actually, we are blessed with Carson, but he is also blessed in many areas. 
He is very young, but he is strong!  He has such pudgy little fingers that are probably the cutest thing ever, and he has quite the set of mits on him!  Daddy is already saying he is going to be one hek of a ball player. Well, ok, I think that too. 
He is also blessed in the cute area.  His whole body is. just. cute.  All of it.  He is perfect. 
And, he is blessed in the area of having such a wonderful family.....they are amazing!

Now on to the main topic.  Eyelashes.  Carson definetly got his Daddy's eyes.  They are big, and beautiful, and to die for, and he has gorgeous eyelashes.  I am completely jealous of them, as I lack in that department.  I am almost 100% positive that Carson's eyelashes are longer than mine. 
And, wet eyelashes are completely to die for.  They are like an added bonus on to the already amazing lashes to begin with.  

(Please bare with me, I went a little camera happy in the tub tonight.  I just couldn't resist those lashes!  I am just so jealous!)

This young lad is going to be a ladies' man.  And by that, I mean a Mamma's boy :) 

Ok, on to the next topic.  Joel and Sarah got a new puppy.  A St. Bernard, named Roxey.  And let me tell you, she is sooo cute.  Carson didn't want anything to do with her....didn't even want to look at her.  But, that doesn't really surprise me.  He is all about Tucker, but doesn't really show much interest in other dogs or animals, yet.  I am sure the time will come soon enough. 
We all enjoyed watching Roxey play, as she was so clumsy......due to the fact that her paws are way too big for her little body.  This little puppy is going to be huge

And, while we were at Joel and Sarah's, Carson played "cool dude."  Which, is pretty self explanatory. 

He did, in fact, look like a cool dude!  He didn't keep them on long, but while they were on, he looked so stinkin' cute! 

Carson spent the day with Frannie today, and I think they had a lot of fun, as they always do!  They even had a little "lunch date" at McDonald's.  I can just picture is now.  The image in my head is too cute for words.  Frannie and Carson sitting in a booth, having a conversation about how Carson thinks some bald guy behind them looks like Grandpa Gary, and Frannie having to confirm that, the bald guy, is in fact...not Grandpa!  haha.  Ahhh, so cute. 
And that brings me to the whole questioning myself on How-Is-My-Child-Old-Enough-To-Have-A-Lunch-Date-With-Frannie-And-Sit-In-A-Booth-And-Feed-Himself?!?!   

We are ready for the weekend!
Carl and I are working on a list of "Things we would like to do this Summer."  It consists of a variety of things.  From what we want to get done around the house, to taking a weekend trip with Carson.  Will report more on this topic as the things come up!  Or, as they get checked off the list.  So, looks like I will be reporting a lot about the fun things, and probably won't get to the not so fun things.  Like shingling.  Blah.......that's just boring.   But hey, if anyone wants to help us, let us know!  haha. 


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  1. It's very obedient of Carson to pose so that you could capture the lashes at every angle. I agree that they are sooo darn cute!!