Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fresh Air

I don't know about you, but we have been longing for these nice days, and some fresh air!  I got home from work today, and our sliding glass door was open, and a nice breeze was rolling through the house.  It was so nice to smell the fresh air fill our home. 
Carson and I have also been anxious to get outside, and get some fresh air ourselves.  So, after work we stopped by the park.  Carson has never been to the park before.  (I know, gasp for air.  You are probably thinking that is crazy, and we shelter our child or something, but that is not the case.  Really, I promise you.  In my defense, he was only about 8 months old last year, and really wasn't into "playing" at the park, so we never took him.)  But, I am here to report that he LOVED the park!  He enjoyed the swing, climbed up the stairs, sat down at the slide, and went down all by himself.  I was there to catch him, obviously, but the more crazy his ride down the slide was, the bigger his smile got.  And, if he fell off at the bottom of the slide, he laughed.  So, needless to say, his white shoes, jeans, and coat were a little muddy by the end of our trip, but he loved every minute of it, so it was worth it. 
I really enjoyed watching him venture off, and explore new things.  He is not what I would consider a wild child, and once I put him down, he is off.  That is not his personality at all.  He is usually pretty calm and collective, and doesn't really go past my arms.  So, to watch him pick up sticks, go up to other kids that were playing, and explore the equipment on his own, was fun to see.  At one point and time, he went up to another little girl that was "driving" the car wheel, and hugged her.  She wasn't very nice to him back, and I felt bad for Carson, but he didn't seem to mind.  He was being nice, and it was cute to see him be such a sweetheart to other little kids.  I am really bummed that I didn't have my camera with me, though!  Next time we go, I will have to get some good shots of him playing at that park. 

On to the next topic.......our kitchen chairs.
I thought they needed a little face lift.  Something needed to be changed.  They were a plain brown , so I decided I wanted something different. 
And, if any of you know my Mother, she can do just about anything.  Seriously.  She is amazing when it comes to, well....just about everything.  From needle and thread, to power drill, to visualizing anything, etc....  She is usually my go to woman.  Well, I mentioned to her one day that I had this idea of re-upholstering my kitchen chairs.  And, what do you know.....about a week later she had a "sample" chair done up for me.  She is quick, and good, and talented.  So, she made these new covers, equipped with neat details around the outside.  It is such a simple addition, yet it adds so much.  Carl put the new covers on today, and I love them!  They add so much to the kitchen, and makes the table and chair set seem brand new.

We are loving this nice weather, and ready for more of it!  Bring on more park visits, and evening walks.  Carson is sleeping in his swing again this evening.  He grabs his blanket, and climbs into the swing.  I turn it on, and he is out in a matter of minutes.  As cute as it is, I think I am going to have to steal him from the swing occasionally, because I miss our snuggle time!

Carson spent the day with Frannie today, and boy did they have fun together!  He really enjoys the shopping cart that she strolls him around in.  Too funny.
Grandma Sally is here for the week, and she is going to spend the day with Carson tomorrow.  I am sure they will both have a lot of fun together as well!

Happy Hump Day!

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