Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March

It's the 3rd month of the year 2011, already!  It is really flying by.  But, we are soaking it all in, and admiring the small things that every single day brings. 

So, I know that Carson wasn't born on the 1st day of the month, but he was born on the 29th day of October.  And, since February doesn't have 29 days this year, today marks Carson's 16 months.  Wow, I can't believe that!  Our little guy is growing so fast.  Too fast, in our eyes.  But, like I have said before......as much as I don't want him to grow up, we love seeing him develop into such a sweet little boy, and learn new things every day. 

Dear Carson,

Today marks your 16th month birthday, on this beautiful 1st day of March.  It was a gorgeous day, just like you.  It was only suitable that the weather was bright, cheerful, and sunny, which screams your name.  You have so much spunk, so much jazz, and are full of energy.  Which, makes you so much fun to play with.
You are smart.  Oh, you are so smart.  And so quick to learn new things. 
You are funny, and you have such a cute personality. 

You love to cuddle, and snuggle on our laps, which is my favorite.  You will grab your blanket, and nuzzle into our arms.  I know we won't ever be able to turn back time, but I am sure we will wish we could, when it comes to this loving trait of yours.  It is the best feeling in the world.  When we wrap our arms around you, and you gently close your eyes, and we watch you drift off into a peacefully sleep.  There is no greater feeling.  A feeling of true love towards our little boy.
You are gentle and loving, and yet you can be rough and careless.  But, that makes you special.  You are a boy, through and through.   

You are weighing in at about 21 pounds.  We have started you on a growth chart, and I don't think that you have changed much since we took out the black sharpie, and marked your little line at 15 months. 
You are wearing 12 month clothing, and it fits you perfectly.  You have a lot of cute 18 month clothing awaiting for your cute little bod to display it all, but it's still a little too big.  But, the time will come, and it will come too soon, I am sure.  So, for right now, we will enjoy the clothes that fit you perfectly.  The clothes we don't have to roll up, because they are too long, and the clothes we don't have to roll under, because they are too big.

You enjoy waving "bye-bye"  and blowing kisses to people when they are leaving.
You throw your hands up, and say "ta-da" or do so as we say "how big is Carson?"
You are very helpful around the house, and you know where everything goes.  Seriously.  You help with putting away the dishes, feeding Tucker, picking up your toys, putting Mommy's hair dryer away, throwing your wet diapers away, etc.
You still enjoy all of your soft blankets, and will cuddle with them all the time.  It is so darn cute to watch you do this.  You really are the biggest sweetheart ever. 

You are absolutely perfect in our eyes, and we wouldn't change a single thing about you, Carson.  You are such an amazing little guy, and you have taught us so much about life.  About living.  About admiring the small things around us, that make up this great big world.  And for that, we would like to thank you!
We love you so much, and look forward to everyday with you. 

Love, Dad and Mom

Bring on Spring, and the wonderful weather that comes with it!

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  1. Thank you Thank you for the update on Carson's progress and the fun things he is learning. The "so big" game has always been my favorite. Give him some smooches from Grandma Sally.