Thursday, March 10, 2011

Strep & Bronchiolitis

Yup, you read that right.  Carson has strep and bronchiolitis.  He is one sick little boy. 
Frannie took him to the doctor yesterday, as he was very miserable, and we felt like he was getting worse.  That is when they tested him for strep, and that came back positive.  They also diagnosed him with bronchiolitis.  They gave him a shot of penicillin, a breathing treatment with the nebulizer, and prescribed him some steroids.  I think it was a long 2 hours at the doctor's office, as he doesn't like that place to begin with.

I feel like our house is a little drug store in itself.  We have his oral steroids which he is getting twice a day, for the next 5 days.  Nebulizer treatment every 4 hours.  And, tylenol every 3-4 hours.  Not to mention, we have ibuprofen, benadryl, little colds, and motrin on hand.....just because we are desperate, and are willing to try anything to get our little man healthy again. 

He is still really stuffed up, and can't breath very well, which makes it very difficult for him to sleep.  Last night was a really rough night of tossing and turning.  I am hoping tonight is better. 
I also think that the steroid gives him a belly ache.  It is a very strong medication, and I think his little body just hurts after I give it to him.  It is supposed to be taken with food, but he doesn't have much of an appetite, so it is difficult to get him to eat anything with it.  He usually cries, and tries to climb up my chest after I give it to him, and acts like his belly really hurts.  That is enough to make me cry, as I know how uncomfortable, and painful it can be when your body reacts to a foreign medicine. 

I made another call into the doctor this afternoon, as I felt like he hasn't really changed much from when we brought him in yesterday.  The only thing I have seen a difference in, is his breath isn't near as raunchy as it was yesterday.  And, hallelujah to that.  Wow, was it horrible! 
The doctor said that this could take 2-3 weeks to completely exit his system, and to make sure he stays on the nebulizer to help him with his breathing.  I was kind of shocked to hear that.  But, we will follow the doctor's orders, and pray that he gets better soon. 

We can definitely tell when the tylenol kicks in, because he really gets a burst of energy, which is so nice to see!  I try to time it right, and get tylenol in him, and then feed he will show some interest in food if he feels a bit better.  But, we can also tell when the tylenol wears off.  As, he goes down hill rather quickly.  But, he does some playing, dancing, and smiling when he is has tylenol in him.....which, is so good and fun to see!  The hour that the stuff works is what keeps me going, and helps me get through the day.  I am looking forward to the days when he is smiles all day long. 

We are hoping we are on the road to recovery, and he can bounce back quickly.   He is a tough little boy, and will fight this.  Hopefully we see some improvement in him tomorrow, and he will just continue to gradually get back to himself.  I think we are all ready for the little monster to return.  Until then, we will pray for a speedy recovery.

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  1. Strep must be highly contagious for I've heard of 3 other people sick in the past day. Keep him nourished, warm and loved. Hope it passes soon for his sake.