Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wellburg Daze

Last night, I decided to take Carson to another parade.  The parade in Wellsburg.  The company that I work for, GrainWay, had a 'float' in the parade, so I decided we would go and take pictures.

Carson did really well during the parade, which was so fun to see.  He kept busy getting in and out of his little chair, and of course enjoyed a few pieces of candy. 

He like regular tootsie rolls.  But, the green apple ones are a bit sour for him...or so his face expressed. hehe.  He jumps at every fire truck siren, and just watches in amazement as they pass by.

We headed to the carnival part of it again, but didn't stay long.  Carson got fussy really quickly, and started to cry.  So, we made a quick exit.  Well, tried to anyway.  It was a long walk back to the car as he was crying, but we survived.  It was getting late, and he was very tired.  I did get the opportunity to enjoy a funnel cake while we were there, though.  Yum! 

I love to watch Carson take in new things.  He usually has such an amazed look that sweeps across his face, and I can just see the wheels spinning in his head.  He is really trying to grasp, and figure out this great big world.  And, I have the opportunity to nourish, and teach our little Wee Lad all about it.  What a blessing.


  1. HE EVEN HAS HIS OWN PARADE CHAIR?!?! I see Uncle Nathan in the background and I'm jealous that he gets to visit Wellsburg Daze, too. Did you see anybody I know? haha. I've been watching Carson's hair grow as you blog. So cute and he still has "the baby look" because of it. Is it getting of a course nature?

  2. Lovely flowers, lovely thought. He's a keeper, that Carl is.