Thursday, June 23, 2011

G&G Brouwer's Farm

On Father's Day, we made our way to G&G Brouwer's house, to wish Grandpa a "Happy Father's Day!"

Carson is in love with the animals, so we headed straight to the barn.  He had a grin on his face the whole time.  He was chasing and feeding the chickens, petting the sheep, and feeding the donkey treats.

Carson also had fun playing with the objects around the barn.  He put himself in the dog kennel, and tried to take a drink from the hose.  I think our family secretively belongs on a farm!

Carson also had some fun with his cousins, as he always does.  We brought his 4-wheeler along, so he could roam the farm.  And, he pulls through once again, and makes us proud as can be.  Kennedy hopped on the 4-wheeler right when he was heading for it.  We were all standing there waiting for an argument to start, and we were all wrong.  Carson decided it was just fine, and started pushing her from behind instead!  How cute....what a little stud.  He is so thoughtful, and nice.

Carson really enjoys himself when he is on the farm.  And, we love to see him so content and happy!  We have a little Farm Boy on our hands :)

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  1. When you share a picture of Carson with his hands behind his back it gives me an "all-day giggle". And that sharing his 4-wheeler thing...some people are just born with gentle souls and your wee lad is one of them. Quite the charmer!