Wednesday, June 29, 2011

20 Months

Dear Carson,
Today is your 20 Month Birthday.

Your Daddy and I couldn't be more proud of you.  You are such a special little boy to us.  We are always in awe of you, and still can't believe that you are ours.  All ours. 

You are such a sweet little boy.  You share so nicely, and are always dishing out hugs and kisses.
You are a big time lover.  And, I love that about you.  You would much rather nuzzle your little head into our chest, than put yourself to sleep in your bed.

You are starting to test us a bit more, as you are developing more of a personality.  But, it is nothing out of the norm, or crazy.  I feel at sometimes you are getting us ready for the oh so famous "terrible twos" stage, and other times, you show off---and completely prove us wrong.  We have gone through a few meltdowns here and there, but that's ok.  It all comes with it, and you still shine through with a smile. 

You are still talking a lot of "gibberish" and don't really say many words that we understand.  But, your new word that you can say very clearly is "baby".....and it is so cute to hear you say it.  This morning I found you walking around with a little teddy bear saying "baby, baby."  I stopped in my tracks, and just listened, as it was so sweet.  Of course you were hugging your baby bear, and giving him kisses.  Your Momma almost got teary eyed, because you are such a lover! 

You are still wearing size 4 diapers, in size 12 months clothes, some 18 month shirts, and wearing a size 4 shoe.  The other day you wore a pair of shorts that you wore last Summer, that were a bit big for you then.  And this year they fit you perfectly!  They are a size 6-9 months shorts....and they fit you so nicely.

You are absolutely in love with animals these days.  You still love your puppy, Tucker, and any other kind of animal that seems to cross your path.  G&G Brouwer have chickens on their farm, and you love to chase them around.  We brought you to the petting zoo a while back, and you loved everything about that place!  The donkeys, chickens, bunnies, cow, pig, sheep, goats....everything!  You have no fear when it comes to animals.  It is so much fun to see your face light up when you get all excited to brace your bravery, and touch the animals.  You giggle in excitement, and we have so much fun introducing, and exploring new things with you.

The outdoors is another favorite of yours.  From the swing in our backyard, to the slide, from the park, to a ride in your cozy coupe---you love the outdoors.  We have a lot of fun with you outside, and we can really tell that you enjoy yourself.  Daddy caught a lightening bug for you the other night.  You were so intrigued by that little creature.  Dad had so much fun, you would have thought he was the little boy catching the bug for the very first time!  He introduced it to you, and it didn't last long.  I think you squeezed that little light right out of him.  ha.

We have so much fun watching you learn and explore.  Watching your face turn from confused, to complete amused, is priceless.

Our Dearest Carson, we love you so much.  You are growing up to be a very special and sweet boy.  You have such a calm nature to you, that makes it is so hard not to enjoy oneself when around you.  We are learning so much from you, it is truly amazing.

Love, Dad and Mom

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  1. This son of yours is receiving powerful gifts for his life; he will always know that he was wanted and loved and cherished. You are making incredible use of technology, Angie. I still love that picture of his backside!