Monday, June 13, 2011

Traumatic and Painful Weekend

This is the current status of Carson's big toe......

Yes, it makes me wheezy everytime I look at it.

It all started with the Lazy Susan cupboard, which, by the way...he knows he is not supposed to get into.  But, Friday morning, he decided he would take a stab at it.  A can of chicken noodle soup looked appealing to him.  He dropped it right on his toe, and he was down on the ground in a split second.  He instantly started crying hysterically, and was grabbing his foot.  I knew this wasn't going to be good.  I looked at his toe, and watched it swell, and turn red, then to purple...almost instantly.  It is now black, and the toe nail is going to have to put up a huge fight to stay attached.

He whimpered and cried all day long.  It was a long day, as I am sure he was in a lot of pain.  Heck, I hate it when I just stub my toe, let alone drop something on it.  Ouch!
So, my Friday that I took off to spend with Carson, didn't go as planned.  But, that's ok.  We improvised, and he was held by either Carl or myself all day.  He didn't walk on it for most of the day, and that really bothered him.  He wanted to play all day long, but just couldn't.  Later that evening he finally mustered up enough guts to try and walk on it, and he hobbled around, just to get to his destination.

It broke my heart to see him like that.  He would whimper as he walked, and I just wanted to take the pain away.

Even the smallest, every day tasks that we were so used to doing, we had to think twice about.  Will this hurt that poor little toe?  Putting his shoes on, putting his pants on, grabbing his legs to change his diaper....things like that.  Anything that involved his foot, we had to really think about.

Saturday was a better day for him when it came to walking.  We headed up to Prairie on Friday night, and spent the day with Frannie and Grandpa Gary on Saturday.  We stopped at DG for a quick fruit bar run, and Carson was very content playing in the "Back to School" area.  He was rearranging things, as that is one of his favorite things to do.  But, a bottle of glue got the best of him.  He dropped it right on his hurt toe!  So, we made a quick exit, as he was in a lot of pain, and crying.

Then came time to leave Prairie, and head home to see Daddy.  Carson had done well all day with the stairs, until the very last time he would have to make his way down them.  I was loading up the car, and heard a painful cry from the distance.  Goodness, he couldn't have possibly hurt himself again today, could he?!  Sure enough.  He went head over heels down the steps, and in slow motion made his way to the pavement.  Frannie was right there to rescue him, and get him calmed down.

So, now Carson has a bruised forehead, beat up eye, skinned knee, and a black toe!  I think we have met our quota for the rest of the Summer for injuries.  Or, so I wish/hope.  He is a tough little guy though, that's for sure! 

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  1. OMIGOSH! My toes hurt just hearing about this horrible ordeal Carson has gone through. If he's like me, then one injury throws his whole balance off and the body becomes a comedy of injuries. I was glad you put a smiley picture at the end of your blog. He's a doll, by the way.