Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family Get Togethers

This past weekend was a busy one.  Especially Sunday.

On Sunday, we decided to have an early Father's Day celebration for my Dad.  With our busy schedules, it worked out that the Sunday before Father's Day, would work best for everyone to get together.  So, we all got together at Dad's house, and grilled out.  We all hung out, ate way too much food, played some bags, had dessert, and enjoyed the family time. 

Carson's shy personality really shined through while we were there.  He is always so timid, and doesn't really take many risks.  But, I am fine with that.  I always know where he is, and don't worry about him getting into things he shouldn't be.

We spent a few hours with Dad's side of the family, and then headed home for a quick swap of dishes, and away we went again.  This time we were headed out to Sarah's house, for a family 'reunion' with some family that was in town from California.  They usually come back one time each Summer, and we try and have a get together, so they can see everyone while they are back

While at Sarah's, Carson let down his shy/timid guard for a while.  He really branched off, and made himself right at home.  He played on the swingset, rode in the Barbie Jeep with Brayden, played with their kittens, sat at the picnic table like a big boy, and swiped some of Brayden's food. (I love the picture where Brayden's face clearly shows he does not approve of Carson taking his food! ha)

It is so fun to see Carson interact with his cousins.  He gets so excited to play with them, and does really well.  We have also come to the conclusion that Carson really enjoys animals.  The first thing that he usually goes after when at a new place, is their pets.  He is so brave when it comes to this area, and it actually kind of surprises me.  But, then again, he puts up with a crazy/psycho Tucker all the time, so the fluffy kitties probably seem pretty sweet to him. ha!  We do have to remind Carson to be nice to the animals, and not all of them will put up with everything that Tucker does.  Like: pulling their tale, squeezing their neck, pulling know, the basic "lets be nice" kind of things.  And, he does really well.  He was hugging the kitties all day, and it was so sweet to watch him with them.

So, of course we ate way too much again that afternoon, and had yet another round of desserts.  I think it was safe to say that we were completely the brim.  Good food, and good company.  They usually always seem to go hand-in-hand.  But, it was a lot fun to catch up with some family members that we haven't seen in a while.

Carson (ok, maybe all of us) were winding down quickly that evening, so we made our way home for the bedtime routine.  I think we all crashed early that night, as we were all exhausted from the busy day of family, food and fun!  

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  1. I think Carson had quite the adventurous week-end and I especially like the 4 photos showing him mastering the slide. So this was the pre-Father's Day celebration. Now for the real thing, huh?