Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Little "Big" Helper

Carson and I have been enjoying some bonding time in the kitchen lately.  We have been really busy baking and cooking.  Since we are by ourselves every night, I am finding new things to keep us busy.  And, one of them being---exploring, testing, and trying new recipes!  I have been having a lot of fun.  Most have turned out great, with a few not so great.  But, we have had fun...none the less. 

A couple weeks ago, Carl had made the comment that there were "weeds" growing in our backyard  He said he was going to be mowing them over soon, because he was sick of mowing around them.  I didn't know what he referring to, so I went outside to take a look.  I don't do must venturing outside of our fenced in backyard, because it is pretty much our whole yard.  But, at the corner of our fence, on the other side of it, there were "weeds" growing that were on our property.  Well, I did some investigating, and found it to be RHUBARB!  In our back yard.  Amazing!  Oh gosh, I was so tickled.  I had been keeping my ears open for some, because I had some recipes I wanted to try.  Well, sure enough---there was some in our backyard!

So, Carson and I have made several trips up the hill, and have been picking rhubarb.  We pick some, bring it back to the house, sit on the back deck, and cut it all up.  He is such a good helper.

We have been busy making different rhubarb recipes, and they have all been delicious!  We have made several pans of rhubarb crisp, and a coffee cake.  Yum! 

We have also been busy making a few batches of chocolate chip cookies, which I think I have found my new favorite recipe.  It's a keeper, that's for sure! (If you want it, let me know!) 

(One of Carson's new favorite things to do is look at what is in the oven.  I turn the light on, and he just stares through the glass, with a grin on his face.  It is so cute!)

Carson is my little helper in the kitchen...especially when it comes to stirring, and licking the beaters.  Because, we all know you can't wash that good stuff off those beaters.  Especially when there are pudgy little fingers, and little mouths around waiting to get all sticky, and enjoy that heavenly stuff.  So, Carson is the lucky recipient.  And, let me tell you....he doesn't hand me that beater, indicating that he is finished--until it is squeaky clean.  That's my boy :) 

The stirring usually gets out of hand, which results in flour everywhere, but that's ok.  He gets such a proud look on his face when he rotates that spoon in the bowl, that the cleaning up is well worth it. 

And, the secret ingredient in a lot of the goodies we make may, or may not be, his drool.  But, you know---we are all well rounded people, right?!  Haha.

Carson is my sweet little helper in the kitchen.  And boy do I love his company at night!  It doesn't get much better than that.

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  1. You are one amazing contented woman cherishing every moment-thanks for giving me the chance to cherish them with you. Sweet, sweet, sweet boy you have. And I enjoyed the picture of you with Carson that you snuck in there.