Monday, June 6, 2011

19 Months

Carson is 19 months.  How this happened, I have no idea.  He is inching his way closer to the 2 year mark, and I don't like it one bit.  Well, I like that he is growing up to be such a sweet, loving, caring little boy.  But, I still want him to stay my little baby!

Carson is growing up so quickly, and is learning new things everyday.  He likes to mock our every. single. move.  So, we really have to watch what we do, and if it's something we want him doing.  For example:  Carl kicks the dog because he is barking uncontrol like (which is an everyday occurrence) and Carson will walk over, and kick Tucker as well.  "Ummmm.  Well, Carson, Buddy...let's not do that.  It's not very nice to kick your puppy, we have to pet him nicely."  All the while saying this to Carson, I am giving Carl "the look" of........"see, I told you, he copies your every single move, so please be a good role model, and don't do things that he will mock, and then we have to try and cover ourselves up, and tell him not to do that, because it's not right, or nice!" 

Carson is also becoming a very independent little guy.  He tries to dress and undress himself a lot.  The other morning I walked into his room, and he was kind of fussing in his crib.  He usually wakes up very happy, so I was wondering what was going on.  Sure enough, I found him half undressed, but in a not-so-comfortable state.  He had gotten his shirt over his head, but nothing followed suit!  So, his arms were stuck, and sticking straight out.  It gave me a little laugh that morning, as he had such a frustrated/confused look on his face! 

Carson is wearing a lot of 12 and 18 month clothing.  The 12 month pants/shorts fit him perfectly, but the shirts are getting a little small with multiple washings.  So, if we have our pick, its 12 month bottoms, and 18 month shirts.

He is still in size 4 diapers, and probably will be for awhile.
Wears size 4 shoe.  Yes, he has tiny feet--but they are so cute.  His Dad wears a size 9, so I am not banking on boats for shoes in our house from our little guy! (Carl probably does not appreciate this comment about him.  But hey, this blog is about our family, which includes him, right?! hehe)  Oh, and when I was searching on-line for new shoes for Carson, a size 4 is still considered an infant size!  So, I will hold on to anything "baby" from my growing little toddler!

Carson loves to play outside, and at the park.  He especially likes the swing.  We have a swing in our backyard that he enjoys swinging in during the evening hours.  He will swing in that thing for hours if you would push him that long!

Wee-Lad is still a little shy when it comes to strangers, or people he doesn't see often.  He clings to familiar faces, and I can't blame him.  I do have a funny story to share though:
Scene: Orchard Hill Church, Sunday Morning, 9:30 AM Service
Carl and I decided that it was time to take Carson to the nursery for his very first Sunday.  He does really well during the service, but I feel like he is very busy, and may be disrupting people around us.  Not to mention, I never seem to get everything I would like to from the service.  With him hopping from lap to lap, from snack to snack, and trying to keep him quiet, it's a lot going on.  So, we decided to sign him in, and take him to his classroom.  Into the "Walker-Talker" room he goes.  There were sooo many other kids and toys to play with, that I figured he would latch on to something, and be just fine.  We checked him in, and I got a wrist band of his number.  #150.  Carl and I left him in the room as he is crying, and screaming "Da-Da."  Carl's heart about broke hearing that, as did mine.  But, I continue to tell him that we have help him to continue to grow, and we needed to do this.  He would have fun, and he would meet new friends.  Carl and I walk into the service, and find my family.  My Mom was not very happy that he wasn't in the service, as she had enough snacks in her purse to feed the whole congregation.  I told her to save them until after the service.  So, we begin to sing, and about 2 minutes into the first song, #150 comes up on the screen!!  "Oh, Great.  Carl, that's our number!"  So, I walk out of the service, and go to his room.  He is still crying hysterically.  So, I pick him up, and settle him down.  And, back into the church service we go.  The little pistol got his way (as did Frannie).  I really do think that he will have fun in the nursery though, so I think we will be trying it again soon.  Hopefully my next report on Carson's nursery experience is a great one!

Carson is such a sweet little boy, and we really enjoy watching him grow.  He is so loving, and it makes my heart melt.  He gives hugs and kisses, and they are to die for.

We are really looking forward to Summer, and what it has in store.  Parks, picnics, bike rides, river weekends, the pool, vacations, outside time.......

Not to mention, a BABY GIRL COUSIN that is scheduled to arrive later this Summer.  Carson was so good and sweet to Baby Tinley when he met her the other night, that I think he will be wonderful with his baby cousin.  He got some practice to confirm that he is ready to step into the role of "Big Cousin."  I think he will excel greatly in that field, and I am excited to see him interact with her. 

Carson, you mean the world to us, and we thank the Lord for you everyday.  You are such a good little boy, and we are so Proud of you.  We love you so much!!

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  1. Great and well-written. I certainly enjoyed it and treasure the knowledge that your Carson is loved, nurtured and cared for. Sorry I forgot to tell you about Pickle Ball beginning June 6. I didn't see that on your list of summer activities. haha.