Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Family Time

This weekend was jam packed full of family fun.  We were home, just the 3 of us, all weekend.....and, it was great!  We didn't have any big plans, or places to go.  It was nice to just love each other up.  All weekend long! 

Carson's big blue eyes, and little smirk is enough to make your heart melt.  Every. Time.

Carson also spent some time sitting in his recliner, watching TV, and reading the swap sheet.  Because, I am sure all 16 month olds are on a mission to find a good bargain :) 


Carson and Daddy also had some quality bonding time.  They both enjoy playing with Carson's piano book.  And, by both of them, I mean....I secretly think that Carl enjoys mastering his piano skills on this book, so he can come to me, and brag about how good he is at "Mary had a Little Lamb" or "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."  For the record.....I am still better at it than he is!  :)  Haha.

We also found a new snack that Carson loves!  Cheesy puff popcorn.  He takes about 3 pieces, and tries to shove them all in his little mouth at the same time. 

Carson and Daddy also like to "wrestle" together.  It is true, though.....the rougher Carl is with Carson, the harder and louder he giggles.  Carl is obviously gentle with him, but they have a blast playing together.  I also hear these same giggles in the morning while they wrestle on our bed.  This usually goes on until Carson gets sick of it, or Carl calls it quits due to the amount of drool/snot that shows up on our pillow and blankets. 

Carl gave Carson a bath on Sunday night.  This is what I found after they were done with bath time.  Again, I think Carl has a lot of fun with Carson's toys too!  Carl denies it, until I come back at him with a very good argument of.......the letters are too high for Carson to even reach, so he is obviously playing with them as well!  He didn't have anything to say to that one :) 

I also got a few new items of decor this weekend.  Thinking Spring!  I really enjoy the bright cheerful colors. 
It did snow again today, and it sounds like Winter is here to stay for a little while longer, but in the Brouwer household, we are thinking Spring! 

We are thinking Spring so much, that we brought out the sun hat.  Carson didn't really like it, or want to keep it on......but he looked so darn cute in it! 

Sorry these pictures are blurry...he is a quick moving target these days!  But this is what he was doing with the hat....he would cover up his face, and try to walk.  As you can imagine, he was running into walls, tripping over toys, etc...and was laughing the whole time!  He is such a funny little boy. 

Carson is really starting to develop quite the personality these days, and is so much fun to watch grow.  He is spending the day with Frannie tomorrow, and I know he is really looking forward to it. 

Carson cashed out early tonight, because he was so exhausted.  I think he is just so tired these days from his new daycare.  I think he tries to keep up with the 2 little girls there, and they must really wear him out!  But, I can tell he loves it there, and he is in great hands!  He has had some terrific reports lately, which makes this Momma so proud :) 

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  1. Break Carson in slow with introducing popcorn - he's liable to have a lifetime addiction like you know (ME). It looks like you had a fun and love-filled weekend.
    Thank you so much for taking time to chronicle your lives and share your joys. I love it!