Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All about Carson Part 1 (AKA: Long Post)

Carson is an amazing little boy.  He is a sweetheart, loving, and has such a great personality.  He is really laid back, tests his listening ability with Dad and Mom just like any other little boy his age, and is healthy as can be.  He is very active, and daring.  Funny, and loves to laugh. 

And, my favorite of all, loves to cuddle!  I will take that any day or night, and I usually soak it all up during bed time.  He loves his soft blankies, and cuddles up to them when he is ready for bed. 

Carson has a lot of favorites these days, so I will try and hit them all!
Starting off with......garbage cans!  I don't know why, but he really enjoys them.  A lot of times he will throw things away for us, as we prompt him to do so.  And, other times he will throw his things away....that generally don't belong in the garbage.  Such as, his pacifier, cup, books, toys, etc.  He has such a sense of humor, and laughs after I find these things in the garbage. 

He also really enjoys bath time.  Daddy got him some letters for Christmas, and he really enjoys playing with them in the tub.  Every night when I say it is bath time, Carson heads for the bathroom, and opens the door under the cabinet to find his letters.  He takes them one by one, and will throw them into the tub.  He is very particular, and only throws one in at a time.   

We have a night time routine that we go through every night, which includes a bath, and brushing his teeth.  He enjoys both activities, and looks so proud after he gets done brushing his teeth, followed by a praise from Mom of how good he has done.

Next up, my hair dryer!  He will drag or carry it around the house for a long time, and then return it back to its home, which is under my sink in my bathroom.  (I have a video to go with this that is so darn cute, but can't seem to upload it! Bummer. )

Carson also really enjoys Tucker, our dog.  He follows him around, tries to pet him, watches him eat, gets into his dog food, tries to share his food, share his bed, and also tries to lay/sit on him.  Tucker is very good with Carson.  I also think that Carson is getting very good at saying his name!

And, I am going to end with the most important....Family.  But, more particularly, Daddy!  Carson loves his Daddy, and with Carl working nights now, we don't get to see him much.  But, when we are with him, we soak up his love as much as possible! 

I am going to leave it with that tonight.  I will pick up with Part 2 later.  (Yes, there is more!)
Daycare update:  Day #2 was equipped with another great report!  I think he is really enjoying it at his new daycare.  He seems to be very content, and happy.  We had to wake him up from his nap when I got there to pick him up today, so no squeal.  But, with a late nap, that means he was extra happy and playful for me all night!  Which, makes for a great evening!  I am so proud of my little guy.  Feeling extra blessed this evening.

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