Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Night at Home

Carson and I really enjoy our evenings together at home.  We had nothing special going on tonight, so we just stayed inside, and soaked up each other.  Carson was so happy tonight, and is gradually getting back to himself, which is so great to see!, we snacked

This is what Carson's feet usually look like.  One sock off (or both) and he is always twisting his feet.  You can tell that he is doing his trick with his right foot in this picture.  He has always done this, and it's actually kind of funny to watch.  If I remember correctly, he did this at his 1 week or 2 week check-up, and showed off his "trick" to the nurse. 

........and, we played

........ and, took a break to eat supper

.....shoveled food in our mouths, literally! 

.......played peek-a-boo during supper time

......then, went back to some more playing.  This time with the 4-wheeler.  It is such a kill to watch him hop on it, and take off like he's a pro.  He even stands up while he he is really big stuff!   

.......and, we read books

.......and say our good nights.  This is a smile of contentment.  There is so much pride and joy kissed all over this face.  We are molding this little life, that loves to be taught, and he is such a smart little boy.  This little body depends on us, and we are giving him our all.


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