Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Frannie is:
...........the list could go on. and on. and on. 

Frannie and Carson usually spend a day together each week.  I think they both have so much fun, and look forward to the day with each other.  They have this special bond, that is just amazing to see. 

It started from the minute Carson took his first breath of life, and she welcomed him into this great big world. 

And she loves him up, because he is important to her.....

And they have fun together.........

And they giggle......because hearing Carson's giggle is the best sound in the world!

And they enjoy each other's company.......

 And, she shows him what being an amazing Frannie is all about.

Today, Carson was with Frannie for the day.  And, he had a blast.  I love how excited he gets to see her in the morning, when we do the 'swap', and I hand him off to have a fun filled day. 

A few pictures from Carson's day at Frannie's.......

He has his own little 'stash' of toys that he enjoys playing with. 

He has a favorite cupboard that he gets into as well. 

And, a favorite drawer......equipped with a hammer, scissors, and other non kid-friendly items.
(This is the one drawer that Frannie will actually tell you "no" for!)

Carson also loves the stairs.  He doesn't really get much experience with them at home, so he takes full advantage of them at Frannie's house. 

Frannie said you had a great day today, which is what I love to hear!  So, you got rewarded with chocolate ice cream tonight :)  (I may have enjoyed a little, too....there, I admitted it!)

Carson and I dove right into our evening, and I loved every second of it.  It's the small things that we enjoy, that make us both so happy.....our time together at night is short, so we try and make it sweet.

We walked into the house, which was filled with the wonderful aroma of pork chops simmering in the crock pot.  The smell of food being cooked, and not having to make supper at night, is a taste of pure greatness. 

Carson is really enjoying his fork during supper.  He probably plays with it more than he uses it, but he does eat whatever I put on the fork....so, I have managed to have him eat a couple more bites, just because he enjoys eating things off of it.  And, to get him a few more bites into that little mouth, it so worth it. 

After supper, we went to Carson's room.  We have a lot of fun in his room, as that is where most of his toys, books, and games are.  And, the sound of about 4 different toys going at the same time, is truly music to my ears :) 

I really wish that Carson would keep this hat on for longer than a second, because he looks so stinkin' cute in it!  He is our lil' Hawkeye. 

Check out those teeth!  He has started to bite these days.  Tonight, he bit me in the leg.  It completely caught me off guard, and he laughed.  We are now going to have to teach him that biting is not nice.....

I will end with this picture, because he is such a goof ball, and it is so precious.  He is precious. 

We are thankful for a lot of things this evening.  Our family, friends, health, Frannie, and this precious little boy in our lives.  He has changed our lives forever, and oh how wonderful it has been!

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  1. Carson has a pretty amazing Frannie I agree. She has a beautiful heart of love. I asked Frannie what Carson does at the RL all day and she said he "makes alot of copies." Made me smile all day.