Monday, February 14, 2011

Its All About Love

Its Valentine's Day, which means we are celebrating Love in the Brouwer household.  We had a wonderful weekend, which was jam-packed full of Love, and family time.
Carson wasn't feeling 100% this weekend, as he is really struggling with teeth these days.  So, he wasn't completely his normal happy self, but he tried so hard to be happy.  We still enjoyed the weekend, and just loved up on him even more, since he wasn't up to par.  But, as you will see in a lot of these pictures, he either has drool hanging from his mouth, or his shirt is soaked from all the drool.  And, that is not the typical Carson, so we really knew something was going on in that little mouth of his.  But, we made it through the weekend, and have a lot of fun memories from it.  I love weekends that include all 3 of us! 

The fun Valentine's festivities started on Saturday, when we decided to start baking cupcakes!  I decided to go all out, and make some really crafty ones, and they actually turned out really cute, and I had a lot of fun doing them!  Carson even helped.  Well, he licked the spoon after I was done with the batter, but ya know....that's helping, right?!

Our special cupcakes were made into trains, and had a little flag that said "I choo-choose you".  Carson gave them to a few special people in his life, and they were really tasty! 

Then we moved on to making cards.  And, Carson made his Valentine's Day cards all by himself!  They were equipped with a bunch of scribbles, and a lot of drool.  O yeah, and ripped edges, and crumpled paper.......but, he had a blast making them!  Not to mention, homemade cards are the best, and I think the recipients enjoyed them, too!
He takes the making cards thing very seriously, and concentrated very hard!  He knew exactly how to hold the pen, and what to do.  It was so cute to watch him scribble on the paper.  

We celebrated Valentine's Day as a family on Sunday night, because Carl works nights, and he wouldn't be around to give Carson his gift on Valentine's Day, so we did it the night before.  Carson isn't really into opening gifts, and could really care less about the paper, or unwrapping it.  So, we helped him, and....he loves his gift from Dad & Mom! 

Daddy helping Carson open his gift                   Notice the drool in this picture....
He thought the box was really fun to play with, too!

Carson and Daddy had so much fun playing with Carson's new toy!

Then came actual Valentine's Day, and it was a great day!  We loved extra hard today, if that is even possible?  Carson got ready for daycare in his special Valentine's shirt, which explains him perfectly......

And he was off to daycare with baskets and cupcakes for his new friends!  I don't get to buy "girly" things much, so I had so much fun putting together little Valentine's Day baskets for 2 special little girls, and 1 special little boy.  Carson also came home from daycare with a little gift, and some yummy cookies.  How sweet! 

Carl and I obviously don't get to spend the evening together, so we had to improvise, and have lunch together instead.  And, it was such a special time together!  I came home to a romantic, candle lit dinner, with roses, and a steak, green beans, potatoes and garlic toast dinner all ready to be devoured!  And, trust me, it was delicious!  Carl even got out the wine glasses, which we drank milk from :)  It was so sweet of him, and he did an amazing job. 

Carson and I got home from daycare, and moved right on to some more gifts!  This time, from Frannie and Grandpa Gary!  If any of you know Frannie (my Mom), you know that she loves any holiday, or excuse to buy gifts for anyone!  We love her (and Grandpa) dearly, and thank her very much for all that she does for all of us!!  She is amazing.  Seriously. 


The laptop that Carson got from Frannie and Grandpa Gary was a huge hit!  He tried to play with it while it was still in the box, and got really frustrated, and waited very impatiently for me to open it for him! 

ALL of the gifts from Frannie and Grandpa Gary!  They are awesome, and Carson loves it all! Carson really enjoys playing, and drooling on his laptop, as you can tell in this picture.....


Carson and I then had a special Valentine's Day supper, just the two of us.  He sure is a handsome date, and the best date I could ever ask for!  We had special heart shaped grilled cheese, and we enjoyed some quality time together at the dinner table, as he talked gibberish and threw his food on the ground, as I stared at him in awe and completely amazed at how much he is growing. 

Carson's latest thing that he is learned is "Peek-a-boo".  I think it is one of the cutest things ever to watch.  We ask him "where is Carson" and he will drop anything that he has in his hands, and put both hands over his eyes, and then uncover them.....followed with a huge grin, as we say "there he is!"  It is so stinkin cute to watch!  I think this is another thing that Frannie taught him one day.  It took her about 3 times to do it for him, and he took things over himself, and became a pro! 

I am so excited that I finally got his new "funny face" on camera!  I have no idea where he learned this from, but it is such a kill to see.  He will only do it certain times, and the times are few.  It is prompted by me squeezing his nose, and then he does this face.  I will sit in his room at nights, and squeeze his nose, and laugh so hard, and do it over and over and over again until my stomach hurts, or he decides he is done making the face.  He is such a funny little boy.  He is definitely my source of entertainment at night when I am alone!  

And, I just had to add this picture, because I thought it turned out funny.  It looks like he took up some karate classes just recently, and he is really mastering his moves! 

I think that wraps up our Valentine's Day/Weekend 2011.  It sure was amazing one, filled with family time, and a whole lot of love!  I hope that you enjoyed your Valentine's Day as well.  I know we did!  My Love is waiting for me snuggled up in bed, and I have a few more kisses to give, and some prayers to say with him to complete this Wonderful day! 

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  1. Geesh, I finally found this little box back so I can post something. I like when you include Carson's back side, too. It seems I'm satisfied to see all of him then; the face pics, full body front and full body back, it's all good. It is amazing how such a little thing can change your WHOLE life, even the language, huh? He's a doll. Loved the picture with you in it.