Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mr. Independent

Carson has really shown some signs of growing up these days.  And, I have mixed emotions about him doing these "big boy" things.  Deep down inside I am so thrilled as he learns new things, and applies them.  But, another part of me is so sad to watch my baby grow up so fast. 

He just recently thought it would be a good idea to try and undress himself.  He did get his pants off all by himself.  He is growing up way too fast!

And, we still play peek-a-boo quite often, and a lot of times with blankets.  The smile on his face after he uncovers his eyes it to die for! 

The weather here in Iowa this week is great!  During the day it is hitting low 40s, and we are watching the snow melt before our eyes!  They are saying it is supposed to hit upper 50s by Thursday.  This is great news, and I think that means we will hit the road that night, and go for a walk!  We could all use some fresh air, so I think we will try and satisfy that craving.  As you can see, Carson is getting very anxious for the nice weather to come, so he can go and play outside in the backyard!  We can see grass, but it isn't pretty.   

So, while we are still stuck inside at nights, we find new things to keep us busy.

We read our Valentine's Day cards, over and over again, and Carson opens and closes them a million times.

And, we hang out.....just the two of us.  We bond, and play, and read books, and talk, and pray, and have bath time.....all the fun stuff that Daddy misses out on.  And, we miss him dearly at nights!!

I forgot to mention in the last post about Valentine's Day, the wonderful gifts from Aunt DiDi.  She is another amazing lady in his (our) lives.  Frannie has passed on the "amazing gift giving" ability to her, and she never fails.  She gave Carson, and myself such sweet gifts for the occasion.  Aunt DiDi watched Carson for the day a couple weeks ago when we were in transition between the two daycares, and needed someone to watch him.  And, when she had him that day, she took some super cute pictures of Carson with an "I LOVE YOU" sign, and put them in a picture frame.  It is so neat, and I wouldn't expect anything less than that from my sister!  She definitely got all those clever/crafty genes!  By Monday morning, the picture frame was proudly displayed on my desk.  It is so darn cute. 
And, for Carson.......he got a bag of goodies.  A stuffed puppy, treats, snacks, and magnetic letters for the fridge.  I personally thought that was such a great idea, because he has the letters that go in the bathtub, and he absolutely loves them.  So I thought this would provide hours of entertainment to the little monster.  Well, I was wrong.  But, it did last for a whole minute! 
We got home, and I instantly put the magnets on the fridge, because I think I may have been equally excited as he was for these little letters.  I got them all on the fridge, and about 30 seconds later, Carson came over, and swiped them all off the fridge.  His hands flapping in the air, one after the other, as he tackled all the letters to the ground.  The letters flew everywhere.  All over the kitchen floor, and under the fridge.  After he got all of the letters off the fridge, he walked away, as if he had conquered his challenge.  Which, left Carl and I picking them all up, to make sure we got them all back....just in case we would want to spell something in the future, because, you know, we would need all the letter to do so!  Haha.  And, I think Carl had more fun with the letters than Carson.  All of the letters are now pushed up very high, so Carson can't reach them.  Which, really does defeat the purpose, but hopefully we can teach him how to play nicely with them, and then we will move them back down.  Until then, he has scored enough points against them, and they have forfeited. 
Carl put the words "No Swearing" on the fridge with the little magnets, because.....there is "No Swearing" in our house.  We sometimes have to remind each other of such rule, so it is now plastered on the fridge.  And, Carson stands on his tippy toes to try and reach the letters.

Thanks Aunt DiDi and Uncle Nathan for the letters!  I think Dad and Mom have fun with them too :) 

Our little Mr. Independent boy has a mind of his own, and he is boy through and through!  He is such a sweet little boy, that I thank God for everyday, and wonder what we did without him?!  What a blessing he has been in our lives, and in others, too! 

Daycare's report was good today, and I think Carson may be on the road to getting back to himself.  He is still not 100%, but he is getting there.  I could tell a big difference tonight with him being in a better mood, so hopefully that continues to progress this week.  We have some nice weather to enjoy the end of this week, and hopefully into the weekend, so we are praying that he is feeling better, so we can all enjoy the fresh air!  Happy Tuesday :) 

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