Friday, February 18, 2011

A Day with Dad

Carson spent the day at home with Daddy today.  Carl usually likes to spend one day with Carson at home a week, if his work schedule allows.  And, they have a blast.  They play all day long.  Play hard. 

And, from the looks of these pictures, they both had a lot of fun today!
They played hide and go seek.  Carson always finds the best hiding places in the house.  It's usually his closet....and he can even shut the door after himself!   

They play with all of his toys that are in his toy box.  He takes the toys out, and puts them back in.  Takes the toys out, and throws them back in....literally!  He is so gentle at times, and then so rough at other times.

They also play "jack hammer" with his popper.  Did I mention that he can be really rough with his toys?  Because he can.  Both hands go at it, and he hammers away at the floor. 

Then, Mom gets home from work, and I scoop him up, and kiss on him for a while.  He is already giving me the look of "Mom, stop it already!"  He talks gibberish, and tells me all about his day with Dad. 


This is a picture taken of our backyard on Tuesday night......

And this picture was taken tonight, three short days later!  Melt snow, melt!!  Bring on Spring :) 

Happy Friday, and Happy Weekend!  

Just for documentation purposes only.....gas is $3.15 a gallon!  Crazy.

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