Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heat Wave

Today's weather was absolutely gorgeous!  February 17th, and it was 62 degrees outside.  The normal for today is 33.  Now, if that doesn't get you ready, and in the mood for Spring, I don't know what will!

Carson spent the day with Frannie today.  They usually spend a day a week together, and I think they both look forward to the time together, and really enjoy each others company.  I know Carson LOVES his time with Frannie.  He always gets so excited when he sees her.  This morning when I was sitting in the car with him, about ready to leave, he automatically started to wave, like he just couldn't wait for me to leave, so he could begin his fun day with Frannie.  What a little Stinker!  I don't have any pictures from their fun day, though.  I have handed this task over to Frannie, so hopefully she will deliver next week :)

Carson and I didn't get home until a little later this evening, so we really had to soak each other up, and play fast, because our time together before bed time was ticking.  And, after Carson's great report from the day, we decided that he deserved a treat for being such a good boy.  Oreos. 

The verdict is in.......we like oreos!! 

Carson likes to be a big helper around the house these days.  He tries to mock anything and everything we do.  From a simple cough, or sigh, to putting on shoes, or feeding Tucker.  He is right there soaking it in, so he can try and do it himself.  And, it amazes me every time.  I know he is a quick learner, and he concentrates on everything, and really processes things, but when he actually does the task just amazes me.  This little body is so intelligent.  He gets it.  He really gets it. 

He feeds Tucker.....

And puts the cup back in the cupboard where it belongs.......
He waits for Tucker by the door with the rag, which is what we wipe his paws with.  He tries to wipe his paws too, but that usually is somewhat of a disaster.  Crazy, out of control, impatient dog, with muddy paws, and a 16 month old who is going to try and wipe them= disaster. 

And, he brings a cup over to his bowl, and acts like he is giving him water.  If this were the real deal, this kid would have mastered all of the tasks to owning a pet.  Genius. 

Its amazing what the nicer weather, and a little sunshine can do.  We are all ready for Spring, so hopefully the full time mild weather will be here for good soon.  Until then, we will take whatever we can get, and enjoy each day. 

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  1. What a kill - the picture of Carson by the patio door with the rag in his hand. Made me laugh out loud. And his big blue eyes telling us that oreos are a great treat melts my heart. He's a doll-baby.