Thursday, November 1, 2012


Carson recently came home from Prairie with Frannie and brought two pumpkins with him.  One for himself, and one for Weston.  Both sized appropriately for the difference in the body size of my two precious Wee Lads.

Weston eats everything these days.  As in, anything that comes within reaching distance, his hands will get it. He has go-go gadget arms, I swear.  So it was no surprise that the stem of this pumpkin looked appealing to chew on.  Carl put a stop to it very quickly---no worries :)

A few weekends ago we decided to do something with the pumpkins.  Carson wanted to paint his, and Carl was going to decorate Weston's.  I found some paint in the closet, and let Carson have at the pumpkin--with zero guidance.  No direction what-so-ever.  Carl and I both agreed that this was one activity that Carson could do all by himself, and he could create it whichever way he chose.  A little creativity never hurt no one.  So Carson dipped his brush in each color, and went at the pumpkin.  In the same. exact. spot. each and every stroke.

 "Mom, no more pictures!"  And so it begins, already.  I am not ready for him to refuse pictures just yet!  Bummer.

Carl did turn the pumpkin a few different broaden the coloring space a bit, but Carson repeated each stroking motion the same each and every time.  We were both smiling, and a few occasional laughs were heard as we watched the color change constantly on that little pumpkin.  I mean, when you mix the primary colors, and a few extras---repeatedly, you get quite the interesting color.  One that no-one could probably ever re-create....even if they tried.  And that is the beauty of that pumpkin.  It is Carson's, created by him, designed by him, and done all by himself.  I love it.  Oh, and come to find out, I found paint that was not washable.  The paint was still holding strong on his little belly numerous days later.  We tried to scrub, but that stuff clung tight.  Lesson learned.  Crap.

Weston's pumpkin, on the other hand, didn't turn out so cute.  Carl thought it would be funny/neat (whatever the heck word you want to use) to draw a mean face on a cute little 5 month old little boys' pumpkin.  Who does that?  Carl does.  It didn't get it's picture taken, because I want to throw the silly thing away.  Carl says "Halloween is not supposed to be all butterflies and smiley faces, you know!"  And I will constantly dis-agree with that.  I don't like mean, gorey, bloody, Halloween things---apparently.

Carson and I had a lot of fun creating a special little pumpkin treat bag full of goodies for our family members, and neighbors.  We made a few batches of the Halloween mix, and delivered it to cousins, grandparents, friends, and neighbors.  I love to watch Carson hand over a treat bag with a little grin, and responding to their thankfulness with a soft and shy "You Welcome."

Happy Fall Y'all!  

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Ang; sweet pictures and fun comments. We know exactly what went on at your house this Halloween.