Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

One of my most favorite things to do each year is decorate for Christmas.  In past years, we have always done this the day after Thanksgiving.  It makes perfect sense, really.  Thanksgiving is behind us, therefore the Fall decorations get packed away, and out come the Christmas totes.  Carl and I both have the Friday after Thanksgiving off work, and we usually don't have much planned, so it's a perfect day to spend decorating our house for Christmas.

But this year we broke tradition.  Carl is head over heels for Christmas decorations.  He has been begging me to put up our Christmas tree since November 1.  I have declined his request, and told him we will wait until after Thanksgiving.  He then asked for me to decorate as his "birthday present" on November 10.  I also declined, as that was a busy weekend for us.  I finally caved in to his begging (nagging? Yes, I will call it that.  Ha!) last weekend.  The weekend before Thanksgiving.

The strange thing about this year's decorating early was; I was ready!  I was ready to pack my Fall decorations away, and for a change of scenery in our house.  Fall is my favorite Season of the year, so it only makes sense that my Fall decorations are my favorite.  But as I was digging through my Christmas totes, and now that our halls are decked---I feel like my Christmas decorations are giving my favorite Season's a run for their money.

Carson is to the age this year that he was interested in helping me decorate.  It was so much fun for me to have a little helper.  Then there is little W.  Ohhhh, our dearest Weston.  He has trouble written all over him---seriously.  Our tree was not up for a total of 5 minutes, and our little busy body was tugging on a branch already!  Carson showed absolute no interest in the Christmas tree---at any age....but Weston, on the other hand, is proving himself to be completely different.

I really enjoy the looks of a beautiful big and full tree.  Our big tree doesn't have any of the kids' ornaments on it---yet.  They both get an ornament each year, but with only 3-5 ornaments, I don't feel as if our tree can be filled with just those ornaments. So this year, they both got designated a tree to themselves.  Carson was absolutely thrilled with this idea.  The tree is just his size, and his ornaments fill it up perfectly.  He was so ecstatic to have his hand at the decorating himself.  No assistance from Dad or Mom.

Carl and I had to smile with the look of his final product.  He put all of his ornaments on the same exact branch.  I admit, I did do a little encouraging to spread them out a bit, but he had different thoughts.  And I am okay with that.  That is what makes this tree so perfect in it's own way.  Carson did it all by himself, and it is a product of his own thinking and doing.  He also helped with Weston's tree.  Since Weston doesn't have any ornaments yet, his tree would look awfully bare, so Carson decided to add some bows to it.  They made for a perfect addition.

I love how cozy and warm our living room feels now that it is filled with the sparkling Christmas lights.  Carson is constantly saying "oohhh, pretty tree Mom!" and that makes me so happy.  I couldn't agree more with his precious little soul.

I am going to have to thank my husband for the push to deck our halls a little earlier than normal this year.  I sometimes forget what a great feeling it is to have a change of scenery in our home.  And with the Holidays brings great joy to everyone.

Christmas decorating is in the books for the year, but we have a lot of fun to be had yet!  I am looking forward to the many fun activities and events we have planned for this wonderful time of year.

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