Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween {Trick or Treating}

Halloween was a lot of fun this year with our two little Wee Lads.  I have said this before, and I will repeat myself.  I don't really enjoy anything "scary" that comes with Halloween.  I have a feeling that some day, sooner than I would like, my Son will ask me to wear some sort of ridiculous (gorry or scary) costume, and I will have the hardest time saying no to him.  Especially when his Dad is probably nodding behind me saying...."yes!"  So I will embrace and cherish the years that I still have the authority to choose their costumes, and wear the "decision making pants" in regards to what costume they will be sportin' the night that we go door-to-door.  I love cute little costumes, and will display them on my children for as long as possible.

I attempted to get a few pictures of me and my little guys.  I am not succeeding in that area these days.....

Ohhh.  Such a typical picture in our house these days!  Ha.

This year Carson was Woody, and Weston was a lil' dinosaur.  Carson displayed Woody to a T with his skinny little body, just like Woody is in the movies.  And Weston was just all smiles, as his tale flopped from side to side.  The scales on his back topped off the costume, and I could have melted to the ground from his abundance amount of cuteness.

And now for the picture overload of the cute little dinosaur.......

We had trick-or-treating on Tuesday night in Aplington.  Last year Carson participated in this event a little bit, but not near as much as this year.  This year was so much fun with him!  He was such a trooper with it being a little chilly outside as we walked from door to door.  It was so fun and cute to see him ring the door bell, say "pleeeease", take a piece of candy, and follow that with a big "thank you!"  I was smiling from ear to ear that night as I followed him to the door, and didn't have to prompt him to use his manners.  That makes this Mama proud.

We walked around a small area in our town for over an hour that night, and I had so much fun with my little man.  Weston and Daddy stayed in the van, and followed us around.  It got cold and dark out, so we decided to end the evening at Grandpa and Grandma Sents' house to warm up.  Carson helped hand out candy, and he had a blast.  It was cute to hear him say "you welcome" to the kids....even if they didn't say thank you!  That's my boy :)

We all know how anti-pictures Carson is these days, and that is why I only have a few of him in his costume.  Weston is a totally different story.  That is why I am taking full advantage of a little guy looking at the camera, and smiling.  Hence a lot of pictures of the little dinosaur, and a lack of pictures of the cowboy.  I am hoping Carson will come back around, but I am not getting my hopes up.  I mean, we had family pictures last Friday, and we spent FOUR hours taking pictures with the most patient and sweetest photographer around.  I think we may have gotten one good photo of Carson.  Maybe.  In four hours.  Yes, this is true.  So I am hanging tight that my littlest will always love having his Mama stick the camera in his face.

Halloween evening we went and did a little trick-or-treating in Cedar Falls in Grandpa and Frannie's neighborhood.  The night was not our finest.  Carson was woken up from an already short nap, and the night was rather dramatic.  Frannie took Carson to a few different houses, and then came back home.  Carson helped hand out some candy with Papa, and then we called it a night.  I mainly made the trip to Cedar Falls to see the cute little lamb (Natalie) in her costume!

Halloween 2012 is in the books, and it was a great one.  Weston's first Halloween, Carson's first interactive trick-or-treating experience, and a lot of fun to be had by all.

Happy November!

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  1. Oh Ang, Great Great Photos and Great Great Descriptions. I enjoyed trick or treats with you guys via blog.