Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fix your eyes

..........on this cutie!

I had so much fun with my camera a beautiful evening last week, and decided to use Weston as my subject.  And let's just say---he definitely delivered the part of being the cutest there was.  Carson is completely anti-pictures these days, so I went to the younger bro to pull through.  And he did just that.

As you know, the Lord has blessed me with two boys.  Two amazing and beautiful boys.  Which means I don't have a girl.  I do know that everything happens for a reason, and I am pretty sure He blessed me with two boys because I wouldn't be able to afford a girl.  Truth.  I get myself in trouble shopping for my niece, let alone a daughter.  I mean, I walk by a cute pair of boots, and instantly think "I have a pair just like that, and that would make for such a cute picture if we matched."  And then I have to be realistic, and remember that said little girl is, in fact, not my own daughter---and we don't take Auntie/Niece pictures on a daily basis.  Ahem.

Anyway.........with that being said, you can only assume and know that I don't get to do the "girly" things with two boys---on a daily basis.  You can bet money on the fact that I will be knocking down doors to do the fun things with my nieces, though!

So without being too "girly" with two little boys in the house, I still live through the fact that I do love me some accessories.  And boy accessories are darn cute.  I can still do their hair (Carson loves it when I do his hair.  I choose a mohawk, because it's so darn cute on him!) dress them in cute little ties, bow ties, bandanas, and leggings.  Ahhhh, baby leggings.  I am so in love!

Daddy doesn't squawk about much if it has anything to do with the Bengals.  So, I paired the leggings with a Cincinatti Bengals jacket, and it's a win-win!

And this picture?  It is so funny to me.  He is such a ham, and I love that about his personality.  W has been classified as our little "funny man."  I didn't really know or think that a 6 month old could be funny, but he seriously is!  Carson always says....."Mom, Wetin is so funny!" and I laugh and nod along, because he is just that.  

This is a busy week for us.  Be prepared for the reveal of the birthday party that has been in the making for quite some time now.  I may have possibly come up with some grand ideas that I am now trying to follow through with, but with the help of my amazing family members, we are going to pull it off!  Stay tuned.  We have a soon-to-be THREE year old little boy to celebrate this weekend, along with our littlest guy turning SIX months...already!

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  1. That is the cutest round bald head I've seen in a l o n g time! It appears to me that You Are Savoring Every Moment with your boys. You'll never regret it, Ang.