Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Craft

The cold air has set in, the sun is setting earlier and earlier each night, and the dark sky presents itself all too early these days.  I strive on the change of season.  I love everything that comes with it.  The change of temps, colors, scents, holidays, etc.  Just when I get tired of my decorations in the house, it seems as if it is time to switch them out.  And just when I am sick of the heat and humidity, the cool crisp air flows in just in time to get my senses eager for the upcoming season.

Now that the sky is black at an all too early 5:00, and the temperatures are a little too chilly to spend the evening outside, we are resulting to being creative.  I have been trying to compile some crafts to do with Carson now that we are going to be "stuck inside" for a while.

Last week we decided to start with a fun Thanksgiving craft that I spotted on Pinterest.  I thought it would be pretty simple, I had all of the items on hand, and I thought Carson would have fun with it.

We made a turkey out of Carson's hand and foot.  I traced his hand on different colors of construction paper, traced his shoe on brown paper, cut everything out, and glued all the pieces on a black piece of construction paper.  I didn't know what Carson would think of sitting still long enough for me to trace his hand....but it turns out---he loved it!  My initial thought was I was going to trace each hand once, and use it as a "pattern" for the rest of the colors.  But he loved having his hand traced so much, that I ended up doing it 6 individual times.  It was so cute to watch him try his best to sit still, and he continuously said "that tickles mom!"  

Carson is big into glue right now.  I feel like it is his age, and the desire to do "big kid" things.  He helped me glue all of his hands feathers on the paper, and was a big help.  He was covered with glue by the time we were finished, but seeing his smile the entire time was worth it.  

After we got everything glued down, we added a couple eyes, and this fun little saying that I made.

After we were finished, Carson said he wanted to give his turkey to Frannie!  It was so cute.  I tried my best to get a picture of him with it, and this is what I get.  He is almost impossible to photograph these days.  Seriously!

Carson had so much fun with this craft, and I had a blast with him!  I think we are going to make another one, and I would like to store it in his keepsake box.  I think it would be so much fun to do one each year, and see the difference a year makes when it comes to the size of his hands and shoe!

If you are looking for a fun craft to do with your kiddos---give this one a try!  It is sure to be fun, and could possibly make a neat homemade gift for the grandparents, or a fun keepsake.

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  1. What a sweetie Carson is to sit and enjoy some creative tasks. Good for you Ang that you want to show him the fun of quiet play.