Tuesday, November 6, 2012


October 29th marked a big milestone.  A huge milestone, actually.  My baby turned THREE years old.  It doesn't seem possible, and I am struggling a bit with saying we now have a 3 year old.  Up until then, when people would ask me the question of "how old is he?" I responded with, "almost 3."  That response didn't seem to phase me much.  But now that I have to respond with "three!" that one is hard.  Carl constantly tells me that I get way too emotional over the little things.  I get all defensive, and usually shoot back with something in regards to him turning 30 in less than a week.  Ha!  He is having a hard time with the fact that he will no longer be twenty-something, so I can usually have him stop in his tracks when I come back with that.  :)

Carson is learning new things everyday, and it is so much fun to watch him grow.  His personality is like no other, and I love that about him.  He is still his shy self, but will open up when his comfort level hits a high point.

He loves his brother, so much.  I see a relationship developing between these two precious boys before my eyes, and I think my heart does a little happy dance every time.

Carson loves to be around familiar settings.  He is not one to run off and try something new, or be the first in line for something that is classified as "different" in his eyes.

Brother has got to be one of the best snugglers.  Ever.  Although W is giving him a run for his money, I will forever be grateful that I have 2 snuggly little boys.  Having Carson fall asleep on your chest is on the top of my all time favorite things.  He buries his head in, snuggles with his blanket, and follows with "I cumpy (comfy) Mama, I love you!"  All of my stress and thoughts of the day instantly melts away when I hear that little boys sweet voice.

He is big into tractors, trucks, combines, trailers, boats, books, and puzzles right now.  He is all boy, through and through.  We went combining a few times with Papa this Fall, and C Man was on cloud 9!  He was so in awe, and loved every minute that we were in the combine.  He was so busy steering, watching where he was going, looking behind us through the window to see the goods, and wondering when the next time was that we were going to unload through the auger.  I love to see the wheels in his head turn when he experiences something new.  After we were done combining, he went straight home, found his combine and wagon, and went right to work.  He has been doing that ever since, and I love to watch him play.  Carson can also spot a tractor, combine, or wagon from miles away as we are driving down the road.  He yells out with much excitement in his voice..."Look Mama, a combine just like Papa's!"  And he couldn't be more right.  That brings joy to my soul, as I was raised on the farm, and always enjoyed those special Fall memories.

Carson can also spot a boat from miles away.  He loved going to Prairie on the weekends this year to spend some quality time on the water with Papa and Frannie.  Grandpa has a red boat, and he will find a red boat just like his to compare it to.  It's amazing how much he focuses on the little details.

A favorite book of his right now is "No, No David!"  I personally think he likes the book so much because he can read it all by himself.  There aren't many words in the book, other than "No, No David" and he will point out the different things that David is not supposed to do.  (Carl says it was a book written about Carson.  Because everything that David is doing that he gets scolded for, Carson does---to a T!  Haha.)  It is so cute to sit and listen to Carson flip the pages, while he repeats "No, No Dabid (David)" on each and every page.  The very last page of the book is a picture of David sleeping, and his Mother says "Good night David, I love you" and Carson says that part in such a cute voice.

Carson is POTTY TRAINED!!  We are in underwear all day long, and pull ups at night.  He occasionally wakes up wet in the mornings, but not usually.  He wakes up 1-2 times during the night to go to the bathroom.  I was very impressed with this about him.  And while I love that he gets up to go, I may secretly want to stay in my nice warm bed instead of getting up to help him go to the bathroom :)  He still has to get down going "number 2" on the toilet, but I think that will come.  We have occasional accidents with that, so I am hoping he gets over that fear soon.

C Man's vocabulary is growing by the day.  I love to sit and listen to Carson have a conversation with someone.  All of the little words that were once omitted  are now included in his sentences, and sometimes we just can't help ourselves---and laugh at how cute he is.  He is so funny with some of his words, and repeats ev.er.y.th.ing!  One of our favorites is...."Oh, come on!" when he is frustrated.  We just laugh, because hearing a 3 (I almost typed 2 there! Eeek!) year old say that is just funny!  Another favorite is "yes, are" which should really be "yes I am."  We do correct him, but I really am going to miss his vocabulary when he outgrows this stage.

Wee Lad loves to play....all the time.  Carl and I love to sit and do puzzles with him, play farm, tractors, or just roll his cars around with him.  Carson also loves to color, and read us books-- and nothing makes me more happy than that time of the day.  He is also a big helper in the kitchen.  He loves to help make supper, or bake goodies with me.

He is big into Toy Story and Thomas right now.  Every night before we go to bed, we read a book, and watch a show or movie to wind down.  He usually asks to watch Thomas, Toy Story, or Elf.  C man is also into singing songs right now.  He has always loved music since he was a little baby, and he loves to sing "ring around the rosy" and do the actions.  I have so much fun singing and dancing with him during the evening hours.  He can count to 10, if he so chooses to.  Right now, he thinks it's funny to say "one, two, porteen (fourteen), porteen, porteen.  And then he fake laughs, because he knows it is wrong.  He doesn't know all of his ABCs yet, but we are working on them.  He knows the tune of the song, and I love to hear him attempt to sing it.  He is also in love with the color blue right now.  I have no idea why, but he always talks about it.  When I asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted, he said "a blue birthday party."

Carson loves to play outside, and we are constantly trying to be outside as much as possible.  Carl and I have both discussed how much we feel Carson's mood changes when he gets outside.  He is care-free, there is no whining, and he is definitely in his element when he can get some fresh air.

For documentation reasons, I am going to add in some fun facts about Carson that I know I will love to look back on.  Carson is currently wearing size 2T clothes.  He still fits in to most 24 month pants, and most 24 month shirts/sweatshirts.  Although, I have been buying most 2T and 3T stuff.  Some 3T shirts fit him, but most are a little big yet.  He is also wearing size 6-7 shoes.

Eating wise:  there is more of a "lack of" to document, than any improvement to speak of.  He likes hot dogs, spaghetti-os, pasta of any sort, bananas, toast, pizza, and Easter eggs (which are scrambled eggs! Ha.)  He doesn't generally try anything new, and will go without any supper some nights because he just doesn't eat, or doesn't like what is on his plate.  He would actually prefer to snack all. day. long.  We don't let him do that, so he is strongly encouraged to eat during the main course meals.

The 29th marked a big day for Carson, and myself.  He is the little boy that made me a Mama 3 years ago, and he will forever hold a special place in my heart.  I still remember that day at the hospital.  It was such a long day, and he finally made his arrival at 11:45pm that night via an emergency C-section.  Love at first sight would be the best words to describe my first view of his precious little face.

The Lord has blessed our family in so many ways, and he is one gift from above that I thank Jesus for every night.  He is one of the best things to happen to Carl and I, and I will forever love him, and give him my all.  I am constantly trying to be the best Mama that I know how, and I do it all for him.  I tear up just thinking about him growing older, and yet I am so intrigued by watching him learn new things.

Here is to another fabulous year with our Wee Lad!  Happy THIRD birthday to an extremely special boy!  We love you so much, Carson David Brouwer.

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  1. Add my name to the list: I love Carson David Brouwer, too.