Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Hoopla

With Christmas time approaching, I am absolutely in love with all of the events going on right now.  Communities coming together to put on fun events for families, that children of all ages can enjoy.

Carl and I have been scouring the net, and choosing different events that we would like to spend our time at during this wonderful time of year.  We have both decided that we can't possibly make it to every event, so we both chose a select few that we really wanted to enjoy.  I don't want our month to be jam packed of going from one place- to the next, without being able to fully enjoy the event.  But I do want to show my child what this great season is all about.  All the while reminding and teaching him the real reason of the season.

One event that we both thought would be fun is Holiday Hoopla in Cedar Falls.  It took place on Black Friday, and we had nothing planned for the evening.  I have heard it is a lot of fun, and I have talked to a few people who say it is really neat.  We have never gone before, so I made sure we made it happen this year.

Despite the freezing cold weather, we braced the outdoors, and went.  And by freezing cold, I mean just that.  It was windy, and 20 degrees-if not colder, and the kids' noses were running uncontrollably, and everyone was shivering--but all that didn't matter.  We had so much fun!

When we got to Cedar Falls that evening, we couldn't just walk by Scratch cupcakery without stopping to treat ourselves on this special evening with the best 'round.  So we enjoyed a cupcake in the warmth....for a long while.  We stayed inside, and enjoyed watching the crowds of people through the window.  We eventually ventured out to the street, and listened and enjoyed everything that people came out for.  Chipmunks singing on stage, Santa's workshop, pretty lights, wondering and waiting to see how Santa will arrive this year, fireworks, and many bodies to surround ourselves with in hopes to keep warm.

Carson was in awe.  The look on his face speaks many of things.  You can tell by his body gestures, and facial expressions if he is having fun.  He was content to just observe everything around him.  He loved the chipmunks singing, waved at Santa as he rode by, and was in complete amazement with the fireworks.

Santa came this year riding in his sleigh.  It was so much fun to see all of the childrens' faces light up in pure excitement, as the anticipation was almost getting the best of them to see just how the jolly man in his red suit would arrive this year.

After Santa rode on by, everyone followed him down Main Street, the tree was lit, and the evening ended with fireworks.  All of which Carson was enjoying immensely.  He loved the "pretty tree" after it was lit, and continuously said "oohhhh" and "ahhhh" as the fireworks went off.

Carson did not takes his eyes off the sky for one second as the fireworks were going off.  It was neat to see him so focused, and not scared one bit as the loud fireworks were bursting in the sky.

Carl and I can't stop laughing at this picture.  I was trying to snap a picture of all of the people that braved the cold weather to enjoy such an amazing event.  And this is what I got.  It reminds us so much of the movie "Elf."  That movie is one of our favorites.....all year 'round, actually.  It is Carson's personal favorite, so we watch it during all months of the year.  We laugh, because doesn't it look like Buddy the Elf is lost in New York city---just like in the movie?!  Oh man, we can't stop laughing.  We are easily amused and entertained, don't judge :)  Haha.

As parents, we get the opportunity to introduce our children to events like this.  We get to experience the event ourselves, first hand.  But we also get to experience it through their eyes.  Seeing Holiday Hoopla unfold through Carson's eyes was truly amazing.  His eyes twinkled, and his smile said it all.

Carl and I were both a little nervous about how the night would go.  Carson decided that he didn't need a nap on Friday, and he fell asleep on the way to Cedar Falls.  And by fall asleep, I mean--a dead sleep. I was shaking him to wake up, and even after that, it took him a while to fully realize what was going on.  But it didn't seem to bother him one bit.  Aside from a pit stop to Toad's bathroom right before we were getting ready to leave, the night played out wonderfully.  Better than I could have even imagined, actually.  And I am here to tell you that a bar/pub restroom is not my first choice to bring my son to go to the bathroom-- as I am on the floor, trying my best to shed his layers as he is holding himself from having to go so bad.  But hey, it was the closest restroom that I could find that was still open, and we got it done- without any accidents.  That in itself has proven to be a successful night these days!  

I am so glad that we decided to go.  We were debating, a lot, due to the weather, but we took the plunge.  And I am so thankful we did.

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  1. So fun isn't it to celebrate the season with people anticipating something good is going to happen. The Halls and I went to Christmas under the Lights downtown Brownsburg tonight; Parading Floats decked out with Christmas Lights. Very Good.